Last Updated on December 13, 2019

Just like any other participants in traffic, truckers can easily benefit from the so-called silent witness – a dash cam. However, their requirements for one are usually a bit different when compared to people who buy a regular dash cam. They can’t use a rear view camera, for example, and their point of view is often much different. However, there’s still a host of options as far as what the best dash cam for truckers is. If you’re a trucker, and find yourself looking for a good dash cam, we’re here to help. Below we’ve got a few options that work great for you to choose from. What we also have is a buyers’ guide. Even if you go through our list, and still aren’t sure what the best pick for you is, we’ll explain all the important features and specifications so you know what you’re looking for. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at our options, and then we’ll proceed with the buyers’ guide.
Looking for a quick answer? Here are our top 4
#1WheelWitness HD Pro1080P FHD32GB SD Card
170 Degree Lens
Best Night Recording
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#2Homder Dash Cam1080P FHDG-Sensor
Loop Recording
Motion Detection
IP69 Night Vision
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Rove R2-4K2160 UHDWiFi GPS
UHD 2160P
2.4" LCD
150° Wide Angle
Night Vision
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#4Apeman Dash Cam1080P FHD170° Wide Angle
Parking Monitor
Loop Recording
Motion Detection
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Top 6 Best Dash Cams For Truckers This Year

1. WheelWitness HD Pro

Our Pick A pricey, premium dash cam option that’s worth every penny, with a great feature set and excellent performance
Our top pick comes courtesy of WheelWitness. It’s their HD Pro premium dash cam that costs quite a bit, but is definitely worth every penny. It has all the basic features, and then some, and is ideal for truckers. Let’s take a look at the feature set. First things first, as far as the video quality goes, the HD Pro records video in 2304x1296p. This is sharper than 1080p, which is what most of today’s dash cams use, so you’ll be able to get more details out of the picture. It also helps that the lens is a 170-degree super wide angle lens, because you’ll easily be able to capture everything that’s happening in front of your truck. Inside is an Ambarella A7LA50 processor which is excellent and comes with HDR technology. You’ll get a lot more details from darker areas such as shadows on the road, which is especially helpful during sunsets when the night vision mode hasn’t kicked in yet. There’s also GPS functionality, which lets you track your location and speed at any given time – crucial information in case of an accident. With the HD Pro, you also get some more basic features such as a G-sensor that detects collisions and locks footage immediately, as well as loop recording and overwriting. This allows you to always have the latest video in your dash cam, and the oldest ones get overwritten as you run out of space. If you aren’t limited by your budget, and want the absolute best dash cam for truckers, this is certainly it.
  • 1296p video
  • 170 degrees FOV
  • GPS

2. Homder Dash Cam 

Runner Up A dual dash cam which performs just as good during the night as it does during the day and comes with a massive display
The runner up on our list is another excellent dash cam, and in some ways is even better than the top pick. It’s Homder’s dual dash cam which is specifically made for truckers and owners of buses, RVs and trailers. It’s priced similarly to the WheelWitness, but covers a somewhat different target market. To begin with, the video recording is capped at 1080p. While this may not sound like too much, it’s actually a Sony IMX323 sensor inside, so video quality should be more than good. The f/2.0 lens and 8 IR lights help keep things shining bright even at night, and you’ll be good to go when the sun goes down. What’s interesting is that you also have a rear view camera. And it’s not a regular one – it’s an IP69 rated waterproof camera with an extra long cable you can attach to the back of your truck or trailer. Both cameras can be viewed on the included 7” monitor, which is very helpful, especially with the rear cam which can be used for reversing and parking. Alongside the two cameras and display, you’re getting a host of features. You have a G-sensor that locks video in case of an accident, so they don’t get overwritten by the loop recording functionality. There’s also motion detection that only records when there’s motion, so you don’t have to go over hours of footage in case someone vandalized your truck on a parking lot. An excellent alternative to our best dash cam for truckers!
  • 1080p video
  • Sony IMX323 sensor
  • 7″ monitor

3. Rove R2-4K 

Also Great If you want a high resolution model that isn’t limited to 1080p video, and performs great both during the day and during the night, this is your best choice
The third option on our list is the Rove R2-4K. Even though it doesn’t do a lot of things, it focuses on a few, and does them really, really well. It’s also priced lower than any of the two cameras above on our list, yet is still a viable option for a great trucker dash cam. As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Rove R2-4K records video in a 4K, or 2160p resolution. Compared to other, lower resolution models, this one allows you to capture a lot more details and be able to distinguish things such as faces and license plates easily. Alongside the daytime sensor, you’re getting an ultra low light sensor, NT96660, which will help get most of the image quality even when there isn’t external light. Oh, and the f/1.8 aperture on the lens helps a bit there, too. You will find that the 150 degree field of view lets you capture everything that’s happening in front of your truck, which is great. As far as the video quality goes, no compromises have been made on the Rove R2-4K. So, what about any additional features? Well, fret not, as there’s plenty of them, too. To begin with, you’ve got built-in Wi-Fi. This allows you to use an app (available for both Android and iOS) to not only view the footage, but download it and share it, as well as change the dash cam’s settings. The dash cam also has something that the best trucker dash cam should definitely have – a GPS model that accurately records and tracks your location and speed. You’ll also get all of the other “required” features for a dash cam – G-sensor that locks important videos, loop recording, and a support for up to a 128GB memory card. If the options above are a bit pricey, the R2-4K could be the best dash cam for truckers on a budget.
  • 4K video
  • 150 degrees FOV
  • Wi-Fi

4. Apeman Dash Cam

Also Great A budget-oriented alternative that still does a great job for truckers
We understand that not all truckers can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a dash cam, and therefore our next option is a very budget-oriented model that still covers all the basics, and then some. We’re talking about the Apeman Dash Cam, which costs half of the Rove R2-4K we just spoke about. But even at that price, is it worth it? Read on and find out. For starters, the resolution on the Apeman is limited to 1080p. This is more or less the standard with dash cams nowadays, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Since there’s no Wi-Fi, unless you transfer your videos to a computer, you can review them on the 3” display at the back. It does the job fairly well though, so no complaints here. The lens has a 170 degree field of view, which reduces any blind spots and captures a large part of the scene – something that’s especially important for truckers. Aside from this, you have an f/1.8 aperture and high dynamic range, so you can easily distinguish details even at night, without any need for additional light sources. In terms of additional functionalities, the Apeman does have more than you would think. To begin with, there’s loop recording and a G-sensor that locks any video that was recorded in the case of an accident. There’s also a parking monitor if you decide to hardwire it, as well as a motion detector that starts recording if something happens up front. Even though it doesn’t have the highest resolution, nor the richest feature set, the Apeman Dash Cam is certainly the best trucker dash cam if you’re really limited with your budget. You’ll still get decent quality video, and none of the important features have been left out.
  • 1080p video
  • 170 degrees FOV
  • Motion detector

5. Pruveeo D30H 

The next item on our list is Pruveeo’s D30H dash cam. While the brand may not be the most famous one when it comes to dash cams, the D30H is actually a very interesting proposition as far as dual dash cams go. There’s also a pretty rich feature set, and a price that’s decent for what you’re getting. The design is also inconspicuous, so it doesn’t catch the eye easily. Let’s dive into the details.

For starters, you have two cameras here. But unlike a typical dual-camera setup, here they’re both mounted on a single unit, and rotatable. The point is that you have a regular camera that records what’s happening outside the truck, at the front, and another one that’s suited for low light, that records the cabin. Both have a Sony IMX323 sensor inside, so even at the 1080p resolution they record at, you shouldn’t be losing out on image quality. Also, note that if you only use the front camera, you can record at 1440p, or at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The cabin camera has four infrared lights, as well as an f/1.8 aperture, which makes it perfect for the inside, without any additional light.

In terms of other functionality, you have Wi-Fi that lets you view and download footage from your smartphone, as well as loop recording that helps with storage management. While we’re at storage, note that the manufacturer recommends not to use SanDisk Ultra memory cards, and you’d be best off with a Samsung EVO, or SanDisk High Endurance one. If you’re fine with that, this is one of the best trucker dash cam models out there today.

6. QWOO Dash Cam

The last dash cam on our list is the cheapest one, too. And no, it’s not a bad performer by any means, it’s actually pretty great if you find even the Apeman to be a bit too expensive for your taste. We’re talking about the QWOO Dash Cam, which costs a fourth of some of the other options we’ve been talking about, yet covers all the basics.

Video quality is the most important thing here, and the QWOO records in full HD, 1080p. Yes, this isn’t 1440p or 4K, but it’s still a very respectable resolution that gives you plenty of details during the day. It’s during the night that the QWOO had a noticeable drop in video quality, but it is definitely usable. The lens comes with a 170 degree field of view so it captures as much of the scene at the front as possible.

There’s not a lot of other functionalities, but you do get an up to 32GB memory card slot, and when that’s full, you have continuous loop recording. In case you happen to get in an accident, the included G-sensor will lock the videos and prevent them from getting overwritten, which is definitely handy.

If you aren’t interested in spending a host of money on a dash cam, but still want something that will cover the basics pretty well, we would definitely recommend taking a look at the QWOO dash cam. It’s a great pick, and a strong contender for the best trucker dash cam on a budget.


Buyers’ guide

Now that you’ve got a couple of options, how do you know which one to pick from them? They have a variety of features and specs, and you may not understand all of them. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most important ones so you know what to look for when you’re shopping for the best dash cam for truckers.

Video quality and field of view are key

The first two things you want when reviewing video are for the video to be clear, and for it to contain plenty of information. The first thing is taken care of by the resolution. 1080p is today’s standard, and we would recommend that you take it as a minimum. However, if you can afford it, by all means go for a 1440p or even a 4K model. You’ll get a lot more details, which might prove handy in case you need to distinguish a face or a license plate. As far as the field of view goes, you want your dash cam to be able to capture a large part of the scene whenever something happens. Anything less than 140 degrees and you’ll be missing out on information on the sides – crucial for truckers. Make sure you have at least 150 degrees, but 170 is the optimal.

Does it have HDR, or IR night vision?

Most of the dash cams you’ll come across are pretty good during the day. However, when there isn’t too much light, their performance somewhat falls apart. There are a couple of things that could help here, so seeing one of them in the spec sheet of a dash cam should be confidence-inspiring. HDR, or high dynamic range, basically indicates that you’ll have a brighter image in the shadows, and more details in the brighter areas. It’s that first part that concerns us, because you’ll be able to distinguish a lot of small details when there’s a lack of light. However, for the best possible performance during the night, you’ll want a dash cam that has IR LEDs. Infrared lights, when implemented well, will allow you to capture as much details as you would during the day. In the event of an accident at night time, IR LEDs mean that you’ll be able to look at faces and license plates with ease.

What about additional features?

We mentioned a few of them earlier, but what are the ones that are crucial? Well, since you’re limited with storage, you’ll want loop recording. That way, once the storage is full, the oldest videos will be overwritten by the new ones, and the latest one will always be available. With this, you’ll also want a G-sensor that locks important videos in case of an accident. Such a sensor makes sure that crucial videos that you might need are never overwritten. With these being the key things, for truckers it’s usually nice to have GPS functionality. GPS modules track not only your location, but your speed as well – two factors that may prove beneficial if something happens. Last but not least, you could always use motion detection. When you’re parked and want the camera to record if someone is messing with your truck, motion detection will tell it to start recording whenever someone is moving up front.

Closing words

If you didn’t know what the best dash cam for truckers is, and how to choose it, we hope to have helped with that. You now not only have a few options, but you also have a handy guide that should help clear up any questions you might’ve had in terms of the functionality you’ll find on such a dash cam. Now it’s up to you to see what kind of budget you’re working with, and then get the best dash cam for your needs.

1. WheelWitness HD Pro

Our Pick Again A pricey, premium dash cam option that’s worth every penny, with a great feature set and excellent performance