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A dash cam, known as your car’s silent witness, is usually used to have proof of what happened in case you get in an accident, or you’re the witness to one. But that’s not always the case, because your car can also be damaged while it’s parked, and you could always use a recording to show you what happened in that kind of scenario as well.

That’s where a parking mode comes in handy, and having the best dash cam with parking mode is a great idea. But there’s a host of dash cams out there, so how would you know which one is the best? Well, we’ve got a top 5 list for you down below, and we’ve also assembled a buyer’s guide that should tell you what the priorities are and how to choose the best parking mode dash cam. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the options and see which ones you should go for.

Looking for a quick answer? Here are our top 3

#1Vantrue N2 Pro1440P WQHDInfrared Night Vision
310 Degree Car Camera
Parking Mode
Support 256GB max
Sony Sensor
Read ReviewCheck Price on Amazon
#2VAVA Dual Dash Cam1440P WQHDWi-Fi
Night Vision
Parking Mode
Loop Recording
Read ReviewCheck Price on Amazon
#3Vantrue N1 Pro1080P FHDSony Night Vision Sensor
24 Hours Parking Mode
Motion Sensor
Collision Detection
Support 256GB Max
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Top 5 Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode This Year

1. Vantrue N2 Pro

Our Pick

The Vantrue N2 Pro is a favorite amongst users worldwide, and there are plenty of reasons for that as well. Even though it’s pricey, it’s definitely the best dash cam with parking mode.

It comes with two cameras, one of which records inside the cabin, and a host of useful features.

In terms of the video quality, you have two options. The first one is to have both cameras record at 1080p, which is great. But if you don’t need the cabin cam, which is most useful for taxi or Uber/Lyft drivers, you can have the front one record at 1440p instead. The Sony IMX323 sensor is great during the night, too, and this is important when it comes to recording while your car is parked at night.

Aside from the excellent 24 hours parking mode with motion detection, you also have loop recording and a G-sensor, and you can attach a GPS module to it, too. If you’re comfortable with paying quite a bit, and believe will take advantage of the quality you’re getting, the Vantrue N2 Pro is the best dash cam with parking mode.

2. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

Runner Up

Even though priced lower than the Vantrue, the VAVA dual dash cam is still pretty expensive. However, when you’re getting a dash cam with parking protection you want a quality one, and it more than fits the bill.

It has two dash cams, one at the front and one for the rear, and is small and inconspicuous so it doesn’t get in the way.

The video quality is a similar affair to the Vantrue, you either record 1080p with both cameras, or 1440p with the front only. The viewing angles are great, too, with the rear coming in at 126 degrees and the front at 155 degrees. The Sony Exmor R sensor ensures that you can distinguish details during the night, which is key for parking.

The parking mode works admirably, and the dash cam also has Wi-Fi so you can review the footage immediately when you connect to it from your smartphone. All things considered, it’s almost the best dash cam with parking mode.

3. Vantrue N1 Pro

Also Great

If you love the N2 Pro, but find it too expensive, the N1 Pro, its predecessor, may be a better option for you.

While yes, the feature set is a bit different, but it’s still a very high quality dash cam with parking protection, and it will more than do the job.

This is a single dash cam, so no recording in the cabin or at the rear, but the camera does record at 1080p, 30fps, and the Sony IMX323 sensor does a great job. With a 160 degree field of view and an f/1.8 lens, it will capture everything that’s happening in front of the car, even in low light scenarios.

The parking mode has motion detection, and when you hardwire it you’ll find that it works admirably. Every time there’s motion at the front, you’ll know what’s happening and you’ll be able to review the footage.

Even though the two remaining options are even cheaper, the Vantrue N1 Pro strikes a great balance between price and features, and is the best dash cam with parking mode for users who are somewhat limited with their budget

4. Apeman Dashcam

What happens when you’re extremely limited with your budget, but still want your car to be protected when it’s parked? Apeman’s got your back with their 1080p dash cam which costs a quarter (yes, you read that right) of the top pick, yet does the job. So, are you missing out on anything crucial? Not really, but let’s take a look at it.

First things first, the Apeman records at 1080p. With a 170 degree field of view, you’re getting quite a bit of detail and not missing out in terms of video quality. You’ll be able to distinguish faces and license plates easily. However, the night vision isn’t all that good, and the lack of dedicated IR LEDs does make it a bit difficult.

The parking mode is great, though, with a motion detection that tells your camera when to record, and when it doesn’t have to. If you do want the best dash cam with parking mode but don’t want to spend a dime over what you absolutely must, the Apeman should definitely make it on your shortlist.

5. Chortau Dash Cam

The last option on our list is priced similarly to the Apeman above, but instead comes with two dash cams instead of one, which is really nice. There’s a front camera that you put on your windshield or dashboard, and a waterproof rear one that you can put on your car for parking and backing up. The included 3” display should be good for that.

The camera records at 1080p, and there are 6 IR LEDs that make sure it’s just as useful at night as well. Viewing angles are great as well, with 170 degrees at the front and 130 degrees at the rear, so you can rest assured that you’ll capture everything.

There’s motion detection on the parking mode, and the G-sensor also tells the camera to start recording in case there’s an impact of some kind.  The G-sensor can be adjusted in a few levels, which is pretty neat. Last but not least, the camera is extremely simple to set up and use, and is one of the best parking mode dash cam models if you’re on a budget.

Buyers Guide

How do you choose one?

Now that we’ve got the options out of the way, what do all those terms mean? Where should you be investing your money? Let’s answer those questions in our buyers’ guide, so you can make an informed buying decision and not worry that you’re wasting your money.

The first thing to look for is obviously, a dedicated parking mode. You’ll need to hardwire your camera to your car so it can get a continuous power source when it’s parked. A good parking mode will come with two things – motion detection, and a G-sensor. Motion detection makes sure that the camera doesn’t record continuously – just when you’ve got something happening, which saves both power and storage. A G-sensor can also tell the camera to record if there’s a bump such as someone hitting your car. It will also lock the recorded video so loop recording can’t overwrite it, too.

Next, you’ve got video quality and viewing angles. Any half decent camera will record at 1080p, which is where you want to be to be able to distinguish faces and license plates if something happens. As far as viewing angles go, anything over 130 degrees should have you covered well. Again, most decent cameras do both of these things, and you can find something even on a budget.

One thing that not all cameras have is a night mode. Whether you’re working with an advanced sensor that can capture high quality details in the dark, or you have dedicated IR lights for night time, you’ll want your car to be protected when it’s parked, even in the dark.

Last but not least, you could consider a dual dash cam. A dual dash cam has your car covered either at the front and the cabin (Vantrue N2 Pro, for example) or the front and the rear (VAVA Dual Dash Cam, for example), and you’ve got a lot more information to work with in case something happens. Note, though, that the secondary camera will usually have lower quality, but it still does a great job.

Wrapping things up

As you see, getting the best dash cam with parking mode doesn’t have to cost you tons of money. Yes, our top pick is expensive, but it is worth every dime of its asking price, and few dash cams in general are better. You should definitely have your car protected when it’s parked, and a dash cam with parking protection is a great way to do that. Just choose from the list above and you’re good to go!

1. Vantrue N2 Pro

Our Pick Again

The Vantrue N2 Pro is a favorite amongst users worldwide, and there are plenty of reasons for that as well. Even though it’s pricey, it’s definitely the best dash cam with parking mode.


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