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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

Driving up to the nearest drive-in movie theatre and pulling up to watch a movie in the comfort of your own car is a nostalgic feel. If you have ever wondered how they manage to offer the audio to every car that pulls up, then we have the answers! The theatres use a particular frequency to broadcast the movie audio, and you can listen to it by tuning your FM radio to it. The whole experience is dependent on the sound quality and if you are looking for upgrading your car FM radio, then we have just the thing for you! Right now, you can order Pyle Portable Speaker (PBMSPG3BK) without any hesitation, but here is a complete guide covering the best FM radios for drive-in movies.

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  1. Best Overall 1. Pyle Portable Speaker
    An all-rounder with adequate sound output and all the necessary functionality needed for the best movie viewing experience.
  2. Best Retro FM Speaker: 2. Sony Stereo CD/Cassette Boombox
    An excellent offering with all retro features like a CD player and no modern connectivity.
  3. Best Versatile FM Speaker: 3. LONPOO Portable Boombox FM Radio
    Blends modern connectivity and retro CD player features in a single unit.
  4. Best Sound Quality:  4. Pyle Wireless Boombox Speaker
    It comes with all the modern connectivity and an FM radio to make your movie experience surreal.

Sound Output: 100 Watts
Speaker Type: Outdoor
Mounting Type  Table Top
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Inputs: USB, SD card, FM Radio, AUX Input

Our Pick – Best Buy

Pyle Portable FM radio is an all-rounder with adequate sound output and all the necessary functionality needed for the best movie viewing experience, which makes it the best FM radio for a drive-in movie. 


The Pyle Portable Radio (PBMSPG7) is an excellent digital FM radio covering all the basic needs. Moreover, you can tune into any frequency of your choice using the FM radio feature and listen to the output from the full range surround speakers. The wireless range for the portable Bluetooth radio is 30 feet. 

The sound system’s design is that of a ported enclosure to ensure the maximum bass response and sound clarity. In addition to the FM radio, you can also use the other connectivity options it comes with, like USB, SD card, and AUX input. The entire control panel for the device is situated in the front panel, giving it more space for the speakers. All the of features make is best FM radio for a drive in movie. (1)

The FM radio from Pyle also comes with a detachable strap to make it more comfortable to carry around. 


  • The tabletop mounting design makes it easy to place anywhere 
  • The design and build are made keeping the best sound clarity in mind especially for a drive-in theatre.
  • 100 Watts of output power is always welcome when trying to enjoy a good drive-in movie. 


  • No LCD Screen to show the station 

Supported Radio Bands: 4
Power Connections: Both wired and wireless
Connectivity: CDs, AUX and FM Radio
Colour: Black

Best Retro FM Speaker

The Sony FM radio is an excellent offering with all retro features like a CD player and no modern connectivity. It will give you an authentic experience when watching the old classics. 


The stereo sound boombox from Sony is a modern device fitted with retro technologies. It comes with a CD drive to let you play all your favorite music CDs. The drive also comes equipped with a recording function. The device is truly a blend of authentic tape deck players and a modern sound system. 

The FM/AM tuner present in the device can catch up to 30 stations and has digital tuning. And you can also connect digital music players to your system using the AUX audio input. The bass boosting technology can boost the bass of any low-frequency playback with the touch of a single button. 

You can plug the CFDS70BLK into your power outlet operating at 120 VAC 60 Hz, or you can use 6 R14 size C batteries to power it. Polaroid C batteries are recommended to use for long-lasting performance. (2)


  • Excellent sound output with the front-facing speakers
  • Inclusion of the CD drive and Support for various FM/AM stations
  • Elegant retro speakers with an affordable price tag


  • The batteries are needed to be bought separately.

Sound Output: 2 X 2W RMS
Power Source: 220 Volts at 50 Hz or 110 Volts at 60 Hz or 4 C- Size Batteries 
Display: LCD Screen 
Connectivity: CD, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, AUX, 35 mm Jack

Best Versatile FM Speaker

The portable Boombox from LONPOO blends modern connectivity and retro CD player features in a single unit. For added privacy, you get the option to connect headphones while watching your drive-in movie. 


With their Portable Boombox mp3 player LONPOO has brought together the retro CD players and the modern portable FM radio with bluetooth. It can be a simple CD player with the top-loading disk drive present on the device. It supports CD, CD-R, and CD-RW disk types and both MP3 and WMA formats for playback. 

The FM radio features come with a digital stereo tuner, which can tune-in to 20 different stations saved in the memory. It can easily accompany you to your next drive-in movie theatre. It can give you a personal experience with the 3 .5mm Headphone Jack. 

LONPOO went for a compact design with a top handle to help you carry it around effortlessly. The Boombox is compatible with iPod, supports up to 32 GB of SD card, and can connect to Bluetooth cell phones. One thing to note, though, it does not transmit Bluetooth signal, so it cannot be connected to a different speaker or other Bluetooth receivers. 


  • Supports headphone so you can enjoy your drive-in movie without any external noise
  • The compact design and portability mean you can set it up anywhere in your car for your drive-in movie theatre
  • The front-facing speaker design ensures good sound clarity in the drive-in movie theatre


  • The volume Knob can be a bit finicky at times and does not have any remote control 

Speaker Size: 4 Inches
Maximum Speaker Output:  600 Watts
Power Source: Battery Power
Connectivity: AUX, ¼ inch Mic In, USB, Bluetooth, FM Radio

Best Sound Quality

If you want powerful sound from your FM radio, you cannot go wrong with the PBMSPG122 from Pyle. The speaker comes with all the modern connectivity and an FM radio to make your movie experience surreal. 


Pyle Boombox PBMSPG122 is a powerhouse of a car radio with FM. It comes equipped with two four-inch subwoofers and two 1.6″ tweeter. The combined output from the system at its peak is 600 Watts, with an RMS value of 300 Watts. The enclosure is ported for extended bass, and excellent surround stereo sounds at full range. 

The Boombox comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect it to modern devices. Alongside that, there are different connectivity options from AUX cables to ¼ inch Mic-in and USB port. The Boombox cum mp3 player also comes with FM transmitters and radio functionalities so you can tune into your favorite stations and enjoy the excellent audio from the 600 Watts speakers. (3)

The Battery used is a built-in Lithium-ion battery, which operates at 3.7 Volts. The Battery is rechargeable, with each recharge giving about 2 hours of battery life. Additionally, there is a detachable strap present to help you carry it around. 


  • The tube design offers excellent surround sound for your drive-ins. 
  • 600 Watts of surround sound that can breathe new life into the movie viewing experience
  • Totally wireless and compact design, making it easy to carry around for your drive-in movie offering great sound


  • Lacks Water resistance and other advanced features considering its price 

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker - 100 Watt Rechargeable Boom Box Speaker Portable Music Barrel Loud Stereo System with AUX Input, MP3/USB/SD Port, Fm Radio, 2.5' Tweeter - Pyle PBMSPG3BK

Our Pick Again – Best Buy

Pyle Portable FM radio is an all-rounder with adequate sound output and all the necessary functionality needed for the best movie viewing experience, which makes it the best FM radio for a drive-in movie. 

Features to Look For When Buying FM Radio for Drive-In Movies

Be it online or in your local store, going through all the models trying to choose the best FM radio for a drive-in movie can be a daunting task. With so many features and form factors, it can be challenging to choose  good FM radio. To help you make a well-informed decision, you can keep the following points in mind:

Sound Output

The FM output’s quality and power are important things to consider when buying an FM radio for drive-in theatres. The output power can also influence the sound quality of the output. The lousy quality outputs with low volume can totally ruin your experience. A minimum of 4 Watts of power with good sound quality and clarity is recommended for a comfortable drive-in movie watching experience. 

Speaker Size

Since you’re going to carry around the portable FM radio and set it up inside your car, the speaker’s size is crucial. If you buy too large of a speaker, it will be difficult to comfortably set up inside your car. Go for a small portable FM radio with good sound quality to maintain portability. 

Power Requirements

Choosing the correct power-efficient speakers can be a tricky ordeal. Many people tend to ignore this essential feature and suffer after buying. Try to go for speakers that can take both rechargeable and disposable batteries so you can adjust according to the situation. Additionally, make sure your speakers last for at least 2 full-length movies to get the best use out of them. 


Durability is also another critical factor that comes into play when talking about portable technology. As you’ll be traveling with the speaker in your car, the speakers need to durable enough to last you a long time. Try to go for speakers that are sturdy enough to resist any small bump or impact. 

Receiver Strength 

As you’ll be using the FM radios to watch movies in a drive-in movie theater, you need to make sure the receiver strength of the FM is good enough to get you a clear audio output. Although it might not be a concern in such theaters, you’ll need good FM receiver strength for listening to stations back home or something. 

 Final Thoughts

After due consideration and long testing of the speakers in action, we have concluded that the Pyle Portable Speaker (PBMSPG3BK) is the best overall. It is an exceptional portable boombox with useful features, great sound, and adequate output, which comes at an affordable price.

However, it is not the ultimate FM radio for drive-in movies. All the models recommended in the guide works well for their particular niche. Depending on what you want from your portable boombox, any one of them can be the best FM radio for drive-in movies for you.

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