There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to buy a hidden camera for your home. But, there are a lot of ways to add a touch of hidden surveillance to your living room, or your office, or your hallways, and you might not think of all of them at first.

Quick Summary: Best Hidden Camera Wall Clock of 2019

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  • Best Overall: Sdeter Hidden Camera
    “The SS is the worlds smallest .87 inch lens weighing .7 ounces”
  • Best Camera: Nanibo Hidden Camera
    “A super portable option that goes on as a wearable or can be put in household items”
  • Best Features: AMCSXH Hidden Camera
    “The popular USB option provides a hidden option while still being usable in everyday life”
  • Best Build Quality: JLRKENG Wi-Fi Hidden Camera
    Provides a professional degree of concealment while still providing high function”
  • Also Good: XDMYWH Wireless Hidden Camera
    “Unsuspecting and easy to set up, a high quality video to catch intruders or indiscretions”

The best way to do so, is to add a hidden camera that looks like something that should already be in your room. For example, a wall clock. If you have a home office, you have a wall clock somewhere in it, right? What if that wall clock was also a camera that’s going to allow you to see what happens in your home, all the time, whenever you need it to?

Well, that actually is the case. There are hidden camera wall clock options that can enable this for you, and there’s quite a few of them on the market. That’s also what makes it difficult to choose the one that works best, because you can easily make a mistake.

Another great addition to your home / office, is just a regular hidden camera clock. Here is a list of the top 5 hidden camera clocks.

Therefore, below we’ve got two things for you. First, we’ll have five cameras that work really well in a variety of situations. They might be similar, but that’s because there are some things that each of them should have which are identical. And then, we’ll take a look at what those things are in a buying guide that’s going to tell you which features are worth paying a bit extra for. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin.

Best overall

Resolution: 1920x1080P full HD
Field of view: 75 degrees
10000 mA 

The first option on our list is the SDETER Hidden Camera Wall Clock. It’s an inconspicuous model, with a black frame and a white dial. It doesn’t stand out in any way, and that’s exactly what you want from a hidden camera. It doesn’t look out of place in any room, so that problem is solved.

The camera records 1080p video, which should be more than sufficient for just about any situation. Even when there isn’t a lot of light, you’ll get usable quality. What’s nice is that the lens is adjustable, so you can have it pointing in a slightly different direction than the clock. While most lenses are fixed, this is a nice addition that might come in handy to add a bit of versatility.

In addition, you’ll get motion detection and loop recording. Two features that will make sure no matter what happens in your home, even if your memory card is full, you always have the recording at your disposal. This is more than most of the competitors’ products do, and it greatly justifies the higher price.

When you take everything into consideration, you’ll find that even though pricier than most of the other options we’ll suggest, the SDETER Hidden Camera Wall Clock is more than adequate, and well worth it for the price.

Best Camera

Resolution: 1920x1080P full HD
Field of view: 90 degrees
2200 mA 

Next on our list is a significantly more wallet-friendly model, made by NANIBO. This time you get an all-white design, albeit the frame of the clock does go closer to silver. In any case, it will look excellent in just about any room décor, and it won’t, in any way, stand out or attract unnecessary attention. Because you don’t want that with a camera that’s supposed to be hidden.

Speaking of camera, you’ll get a fairly wide field of view, and a choice of either 1080p or 720p video. The former will give you better details, while the latter will give you a bit more room to save your recordings. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get great video without any compromises.

What you’ll also get is a motion detector and loop recording, which, as we said earlier, will ensure you always have the newest footage you need. This is an underrated feature, and we’re glad NANIBO included it even at a lower price point than most of the competitors.

At the end of the day, if you don’t want the SDETER’s premium build, the NANIBO should be very competent for a day-to-day hidden camera scenario.

Best Features

Resolution: 1920x1080P full HD
Field of view: 90 degrees
5000 mA 

With a design that’s a touch too similar to the NANIBO, next we have the AMCSXH hidden camera. It’s a model that’s remarkably well made, and comes with a very well balanced set of features. Yes, you might find some of them in competitors’ products, but you won’t find the overall set in a good build like here.

First things first, the video quality is excellent. The 1080p footage you’ll get from the AMCSXH is sharp, with great contrast and plenty of details. Considering there are no IR LEDs, you won’t be able to get the exact same result at night, so you should expect a slight drop in terms of quality. Aside from that, you should be good to go.

This is also a Wi-Fi enabled camera, which means that in combination with motion detection, you’ll get an alert on your phone that someone is moving in the room where you put the camera, so you know that you should react immediately. You’ll be able to connect to the camera from wherever you are, remotely, and see what’s going on. (1)

If the above sounds like the feature set you’ve been looking for, the AMCSXH is definitely a camera you should be adding to your shortlist. Yes, it’s too similar to some of the competitors, but that doesn’t make it bad, right?

Best Build Quality

Resolution: 1280x720p HD @ 30fps
Field of view: 70 degrees
2700 mA 

Next on our list, we have the JLRKENG hidden camera wall clock. The design is, you guessed it, a white dial with a silver frame. We do understand that there’s a pattern emerging here. The thing is, there isn’t much you can do with the design of a wall clock that’s meant to blend in the environment and not stand out in any way. Therefore, we don’t mind the similarity.

In terms of functionality, you’ll get motion detection and Wi-Fi. These are two things that we believe every good hidden camera should have. Not only is it able to pick up moving objects and start recording immediately, but it will also send you an alert that’s going to let you know that something is happening in a room where, perhaps, you aren’t expecting any movement at all. This is an underrated set of features, and we’re glad to see it on a budget model like the JLRKENG.

The video quality is excellent. It’s a 1080p resolution, which means you will get quite a lot of details, and you also get a good field of view. The battery is a 2,700mAh model, which does give you between 3 and 5 hours of recording, depending on how you’ve set it up. If you want a good camera that won’t compromise on any of the critical features, the JLRKENG is a great pick to add to your shortlist.

Also Good

Resolution: 1280x720p HD @ 30fps
Motion Detection
2700 mA 

We’ll wrap up our list of recommendations with another model that’s just like all others in terms of design, the XDMYWH. However, we won’t commend on the design – we’ll just say it’s great and it will blend in any environment.

As far as the functionality goes, you will find that this is a hidden camera wall clock that’s full of functions. Not only do you get excellent 1080p video, but you also get motion detection, as well as loop recording. This is a great combination of features, and when you add Wi-Fi to it, you’ll get a camera that you can connect to at any time, from anywhere, and it’s one that will let you know that something is happening in your home.

Now, it might not excel in any particular regard. However, at a pretty reasonable price, and with a great set of features, the XDMYWH hidden camera wall clock is absolutely one to consider.

Buyer’s Guide

Now to the part that’s going to tell you how to choose. We do understand that many of the terms and features that were mentioned above might be new or unclear to you, so we’ll go over some of the highlight features of such cameras, and do our best to let you know which ones are worth investing into.

The resolution

The first thing you’ll find with a hidden camera wall clock is the resolution. The resolution is a very strong indication of image quality, and where you should be is either 720p, or 1080p. Yes, you will find models that go up to 4K resolution, but you won’t be able to take advantage of the difference, while you will feel that same difference coming out of your wallet. 4K is still something reserved for the high end, so don’t rush into it. 720p is good, 1080p is better – choose according to your budget. (2)

The design

Moving aside from the technical specs for a moment, we must mention the design. It’s a key feature when it comes to any hidden camera. A hidden camera has one main goal, to record footage while remaining hidden and not draw any attention to itself.

Therefore, it’s best if you stick to a design that doesn’t have any screaming colors. Go for a white clock, or a black clock, or a combination of both of them. Maybe add a bit of silver, but that’s about it. You want it to blend in, and those simple, basic colors are the way to achieve that.

This is also the reason why you won’t find IR LEDs or anything extra, aside from the lens. They’re easy to spot, and if someone is suspicious, they’ll be a giveaway that your clock is more than just a clock. You don’t want that.

The field of view

Simply put, the field of view is the size of the frame that your camera can capture. A wider field of view will always result in a larger part of the room being captured by a single camera. Since you can’t have five wall clocks in your room to cover all angles, you want one with a wide field of view to do that instead.


Note, however, that there is a downside to this as well. Namely, when you have a wide field of view lens, the image might lose on quality and you’ll find noticeable blurriness as you get closer to the edges of the image. With bright rooms that have plenty of light, this isn’t something that’s going to bother you a lot, and it will be barely noticeable unless you know it’s there and are looking for it. But as it gets darker, you will see that it might be a bit of an issue.

Additional features

There are three main additional features that are always worth spending a bit extra. In that particular order, they’re Wi-Fi, motion detection, and loop recording. And yes, it’s best if you have all three as they work in a combination very, very well.

Wi-Fi will basically allow your hidden camera wall clock to connect to your home network. It’s basically an online device, which means you can access it from your phone, regardless of where you are. You can take a look inside your home even if you’re halfway across the world.

Motion detection is important because it’s going to know when someone is moving in front of the camera, and the camera is going to start recording instantly. This ensures you have the footage that you need, of something happening, but not ten hours of extra footage when there’s absolutely nothing.

And last but not least, loop recording is going to ensure that you always have the latest footage at your disposal. The oldest footage is going to get overwritten as the memory card gets full, but you’ll always know what happened in the past couple of hours.

It’s best if you go for all three, and there are options on the list above that have all three, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your budget.


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