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Among all the things you’ll come across when shopping, you will find a hidden flask. And yes, we’re aware that many might be wondering why you would need one. But picture this. You’re at a festival, or at the beach, and you decide you want a drink. You get to the bar, only to find that there’s a queue that’s going to take up around half an hour before you can actually order. Having no choice, you wait.

And it’s only when you order and you get to paying that you realize you’re getting ripped off, and quite a bit at that. The prices on festivals, beaches, and especially cruises, can be exorbitantly high, and you wish you had a way to get around them. Well, with a hidden flask, you do.

They come in quite a lot of shapes and sizes. Some will try to be compact, so you can inconspicuously hide them in your bags when you’re going on a cruise. Others go for the opposite – they’re large, but they’re disguised as household objects, so you’re literally hiding them in plain sight. Whichever you prefer, there’s something for everyone, and they come at various shapes and sizes.

This is exactly why choosing one is difficult – because you have so many options. If this is a problem you’ve been dealing with, and you can’t seem to figure out which one to go for, we’ve got you. First, we’ll give you a couple of excellent options that you can choose from, and then, we’ll have a short buyers’ guide. Let’s not waste any more time, and dive into them.

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Best overall

Capacity: 2 x 10 oz (310ml)

The Soleil Mignon sunscreen flask is just perfect when you want to go to the beach, but don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a single drink at the bar. You get a pack of two “sunscreens”, each of which has a 10oz capacity.

Even if someone was to take a closer look at them, there’s no chance they would notice these aren’t actually sunscreen. To make things even better, you will also get 100 foam seals for the top, as well, which will help you seal the top. This doesn’t only eliminate the smell of alcohol completely, but if someone was to open the hidden flask, they’d get the impression that it’s an unopened container of sunscreen, and absolutely nothing to indicate otherwise.

Along with the flasks themselves, you’ll also get a collapsible funnel, which will help you fill up the flasks rather easily. And to be honest, the price of this hidden flask is pretty reasonable. With everything that’s included, you’ll get around 50 uses per flask if you need to seal them, and a bit more if you don’t. And don’t worry – the hidden flask is completely sealed, and won’t leak anywhere.

Best for Cruises

Odor and Leakproof
Capacity: 144oz

If you’re going on a cruise, and would like to get some alcohol with you, the Cruise Flask kit is actually the best way to do so. It’s a six-piece kit that can let you carry a total of 144oz of alcohol if you fill them up completely.

The kit comes with three 32oz bags, three 16oz bags, as well as a funnel. All bags are transparent and are actually pretty well made. The materials used are non-metallic, and BPA free, which means they’re odor proof. They’re also leak proof, so you can put them in your suitcase and they won’t leak. The caps are all well made, and the entire thing is freezable, collapsible, floatable, and most importantly, puncture resistant.  

When you get them, you’ll want to rinse them with soap and water first. Flip them upside down and allow them to dry before using. Note that when filling, you should go for no more than 80% of the capacity, because a bit of leeway is always recommended. The included flask makes this incredibly easy. To avoid any leaks, remove the O-rings from the caps, and twist them as tight as possible. Oh, and you’ll want to avoid filling them with carbonated beverages because they might build up pressure and make a mess.

We do know the instructions might be a bit nitpicky to follow, but if you want to sneak a bit of alcohol on your cruise, this is how you do it.

Budget Beach Option

Odor and Leakproof
Capacity: 48oz

Those hot summer days dictate going to the beach as much as possible, and when you’re trying to save every dollar possible, our top pick might seem like a pricey option. If that’s the case, this Sunscreen and Tanning Lotion set by Cruise Flask should be your budget alternative.

For a very reasonable price, you get a couple of things. First, you have two tubes, each with an 8oz capacity. One of them looks like a tanning lotion, the other one like a sunscreen, but they’re both very well made. You will also get ten seals that you can use to ensure no leaks happen, because the tubes themselves have a flip top cap. Along with this, you get a small funnel that you can use to fill up the tubes.

Now, if you think the tubes don’t really cut it, you also get a large, 32oz bag that you can fill up as well. This is something that might come in handy if you’re going on a cruise, but if someone finds it, it’s transparent and they’ll be able to see immediately what’s inside, so be careful with this.

If you want a set that’s going to let you take alcohol with you both on the beach, and in a suitcase, and you’re after one that won’t leak and cause problems, the Cruise Flask Sunscreen and Tanning Lotion Set is the one to go for – it’s going to save you money, too!

Best Compact Option

Heat and Cold Resistant
Capacity: 8 oz, 16 oz, 25 oz, and 32 oz

Even though some hidden flask options are made for carrying large amounts of alcohol at once, not everyone needs that. Instead, sometimes you just need a compact variant that will let you take a few ounces of booze to the beach, or on a concert. If that’s the case, this Hillside Kit is just right for you.

Now, we should get one thing out of the way. Even though we’ll be talking about the 8oz kit, Hillside Kit also offers 16oz, 25oz and 32oz options, and you can get various amounts of each if you want to.

The 8oz kit is their most affordable option, and you’ll be getting six 8oz bags. The bags are all made of BPA-free plastic. They will not leak, they are odor proof, and they’re undetectable for an X-ray scanner. They’re everything you need to keep them hidden.

What’s also nice is that you also won’t have any issues with anything from boiling hot drinks to frozen ones. Just make sure not to fill them up completely if you’re going to be freezing something in them. While we’re on the note of filling, you also get a small funnel that will make the filling up much easier.

All things considered, if you don’t need a huge capacity, but would like the quality and leak resistance of a good pouch, this is the one to go for. The fact that it’s very reasonably priced is nice, too.

Best Pocket Sized

Capacity: 8 oz

With all the bags and sunscreen options we spoke about so far, the Binocktails BEV-Bank is an interesting departure. This hidden flask comes in the shape of a power bank, and it’s quite frankly a convincing one at that. With a pretty reasonable price, could this be the one to carry around in your pocket when you aren’t on a cruise, and aren’t on a beach?

With so many of us carrying a smartphone with us these days, we’re surprised why nobody thought of this previously. The BEV-Bank is perfect for sneaking alcohol at concerts, at games, and with two USB ports on the cap, nobody will think twice if they’re frisking you.

To make things even better, this is built really well, and won’t leak at all. While we’re talking about the build, it’s worth mentioning that with most beverages, filling up the 8oz capacity will give it a weight that’s more or less identical to a 20,000mAh power bank. Just perfect, right? The only downside to it is the fake LED light at the top. Honestly, it’s apparent that it’s fake, and if someone starts inspecting it, they might figure it out.  (1)

If, however, you don’t think anyone will be looking at it up close, and you want a good way to sneak a few ounces of whiskey at that baseball game you’ll be attending, the Binocktails BEV-Bank is an excellent hidden flask solution.

Best Budget Variant

Capacity: 2 x 12 oz (16 shots)

While most of the other options on our list are really well made and easy to conceal, there’s no denying that for some of them, security might be a bit suspicious. But if you’re going to a game and it’s raining outside, who would think about checking your umbrella twice? Well, GoPong are counting on this, and that’s why their hidden flask is shaped like an umbrella.

For a very reasonable price, you’ll get two umbrellas, each of which can hold 12oz of liquid. That’s around sixteen shots, which should be quite a bit if you’re taking along something strong. The build quality is excellent, and they look just like umbrellas in a pouch. The handle is actually the cap, and it’s really convincing. One of them is black, while the other one is navy, so you can choose what color you want to take along.

What we loved is the fact that you get an extra wide mouth. This means that you can refill the GoPong rather easily. But even if you think you can’t there’s an included funnel to make things a lot easier.

One thing you might be thinking, is that at this price, something is definitely missing, but you’d be wrong. The GoPong is an excellent hidden flask option that can house quite a bit of booze, and the leak-proof cap and funnel will make sure you can pour booze easily, and it will stay there.

Best for Her

Capacity: 25 oz

If you’re a lady who wants to carry a bit of booze with absolutely no chance of it being detected, the Sneaky Booze Sports Bra is just perfect for you. This is a hidden flask that, as the name suggests, is disguised as a hidden flask, and is a pretty comfortable way to carry around a pretty decent amount of booze.

Even though it is a bit pricey, you’ll be able to fit around 25oz of your favorite alcohol inside the sports bra. It’s soft and comfortable, and the fact that the leak-proof plastic bag is pretty wide means that you won’t feel the entire weight on a single place on your body, but instead it will be pretty nicely distributed.

The bag itself is made of BPA-free plastic, and it’s also taste-free, so you won’t have to worry about your booze losing its flavor, or tasting like plastic. To add to this, it’s completely leak proof, and the cap seals it pretty nicely. With it, you also get a drinking hose that might come in handy if you don’t have a cup with you.

The only downside is that if you carry alcohol that’s freezing cold, it’s something you’ll feel constantly as you wear this. Also, if the alcohol needs to remain cold, that might be an issue since your body will warm it up rather quickly. If this isn’t an issue, though, by all means go for it.

Our Buyers’ Guide

Before we get into the options, we feel like it’s worth answering the few questions many of you will undoubtedly have. And the first one is whether or not you should get one that’s disguised as something else.

The answer to this depends completely on what you’ll use it for. If you’re only looking to get a small amount of alcohol, it’s worth getting something like that, for example, a sunscreen bottle. However, you should be reasonable. Having a sunscreen at the beach is completely okay, and will work. But having ten of them on a week-long cruise isn’t and it will raise suspicion. If you want to have a larger amount of alcohol, it would be wise to get a kit that will let you hide the alcohol among other things, such as between your clothes in a suitcase. 

From this, we have the second question – what kind of household object, if you go that route? And here it completely depends on how you’ll be using your hidden flask. If you need it for the beach, a sunscreen is completely fine. Need it for a festival? Something like a sports bra or a power bank is a better pick. It’s up to you to evaluate the situation and know what the best option is.

Last but not least, you should think about the capacity. This is another thing that’s dictated by the specific use case, but you’ll want a hidden flask that can fit the amount of alcohol you’ll be carrying.


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