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Last Updated on March 13, 2021

Getting your hands on some of the best lock picking tools can be a great way to introduce yourself to a new hobby. They’re an interesting toolset to play with, and you’ll be able to tease your brain as you learn a new skill, one that may eventually even bring you a few bucks if you ever decide to work as a locksmith.

But how do you pick the best lock picking tools? There’s a whole lot of them in terms of options, and they come with various tools that may not be ideal for everyone. Therefore, we not only have six of the best options on the market right now, but we’ll also touch upon what to keep an eye out for, and how some of those tools are used in the world of lockpicking.

Quick Summary: Best Lock Picking Tools

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1. HORUSDY 8-Piece Heavy Duty Pick and Hook Set

Best Overall

This HORUSDY 8 piece set is a great pick for versatile use. It is quite useful for almost everyone, starting from beginners to professional users. This heavy-duty hook and pick set includes eight shaped tools, which are effective in every situation.

All of the tools in this set are built using heat-treated CR-V steel. The shafts are made from chrome vanadium steel. They have a sharp design and sturdy construction. The tools come with high carbon polish, which avoids corrosion and rust.

Coming to the tools, there is a hook pick, an angle hook pick, along with a double angle pick. Besides, you can also use the complex pick, and the 45-degree pick, and the 90-degree pick. The height of every tool is 9 ¾ inches, which makes it simple to handle. The ergonomic handle offers a non-slip and cushion grip for better comfort and extra efficiency. To store all the tools, it comes with a special storage bag, which is extremely comfortable to store and carry.

2. HORUSDY 8pc Pick Set

Best Versatility

  • 8-piece kit
  • high carbon polished heat-treated steel

The HORUSDY is our runner up on the list, but for those who prefer the best lock picking tools to be a traditional set, it actually works much better than our top pick. While you only get 8 pieces (there’s a 9-piece kit available, too), they’re a great selection that can be pretty helpful for everyone, from beginners to advanced users.

In the set, you get a hook pick, angle hook pick, a double angle pick, a complex pick, a 45-degree pick and a 90-degree pick. This is pretty versatile, and since the hooks are all 9 ¾ inches long, they’re easy to handle. All the hooks and picks are made of heat treated steel, which has been high carbon polished, and this adds quite a bit to the quality. If you’re worried about comfort while using them, you have a cushion grip, which also won’t slip from your hands even if they get sweaty.

For users looking to complete their set with a few hooks and picks, these are some of the best lock picking tools, and they also come at a very reasonable price. All things considered, an excellent set of tools.

3. Mudder 9 Pieces Tweezers Kit at Amazon

Best Quality

  • Nine piece set
  • Good for versatile use
  • Non-magnetic tips

This is completely not a lock pick set. But this nine piece kit offers one of the best tools that are great for picking locks. All nine tools are created using stainless steel. So, they are exceptionally durable. The tools come with an ESD coating. The tips of the tools are non-magnetic.

Every tool is also resistant to rust. The set includes a total of 9 tweezers. The first tool is ESD-10, the second tool is ESD 11, the third tool is ESD 12, and finally, the ninth tool is ESD-18. The tweezers are very thick and are available in several angles. So, they are suitable to pick locks.  

Besides, the tweezers can be used for other things like jewel clipping, card making, eyelash extensions, nail coloring, and many more. So, no one will be suspicious of this set even if you carry it around. You can use the tweezers on electronic items because they have ESD coating, which safeguards the tools from static.

4. 24 PCS Multitool Set for Practice with Case

Best Durable


 Transparent lock included
● High-quality and durable material
● Tools are marked with numbers for extra convenience

As per my experience, this lock pick set can be split into four different categories. Such as duals-side wafers, rakes, tensions, and hooks. All the tools are very durable and are built from heavy-duty stainless steel.

His set has a total of 20 tools. All of these tools are relatively different in shape. For better convenience and easy understanding, the first 15 tools come with a numeric digit. Like, the first tool is marked with digit 1, the second tool with digit 2, and more. The remaining five tools aren’t marked with any numbers. But, the shape differs from one to the other tool. 

In this set, you can find a single auto-tension tool, three tension wrenches, and one clean practice closer. This whole set stood as one of the best lock pick sets. It is quite good for beginners and also suitable for professional use. It comes with a transparent lock, which is made from plastic. So, you can practice using this lock, and because of its transparency, you can observe how the mechanism works.

5. T&A Multitool Set Stainless Steel

Also Great

This multitool set is formulated using stainless steel material. So there is no space for your worries related to corrosion or breakdown of any parts. The total set includes 24 tools. The grip handle of every tool is designed with gray color.

I recommend you this 24 piece hook and pick set if you are looking for a high-quality variety of picks at a reasonable price. You can also learn quickly using these many tools. This 24 set includes every type of hooks, picks, torsion wrenches, rakes, double side wafers, auto tension tools, wrenches, half diamonds, auxiliary tools, and many more.

Even if you lose your essential house keys, you can still open the door by using these tools. Firstly, you can practice opening the lock using the transparent lock. In just three simple steps, you can simply unlock the lock by using only two tools.

Even when your hands are sweaty, you won’t lose your grip on this handle. Besides, the grip handle is actually comfortable to hold.

6. Amlgbed 24 pcs Hardware Multitools set

Also Good


● A total of 24 tools
● Pre-oiled mechanism
● Lock is included in the set

I am very impressed with this lock pick set. There are a total of 24 tools. All of them are different from one another and can be used for several reasons. They are absolutely solid and have a thin and hard structure. The transparent lock is included in the set. The movement is not rough because the mechanism is pre-oiled.

Coming to the tools, they can be divided into five categories: double side wafers, rakes, hooks, tension wrenches, and auto tension tool. The numbers are marked on the tools to differentiate them. Likewise, 1 to 5 tools are double side wafers. 6 to 14 tools are rakes, and hooks are 15 to 20 tools. The tension wrenches are 21 to 23, and lastly, the 24th tool is the auto tension tool. This set includes popular tools like twist-flex, different shaped diamond picks, short picks, long hooks, and even C shaped and L shaped rakes.

7. Ullman CHP6-L 6 Piece Hook and Pick Set

Also Good

This is one of the best six-piece lock pick set. It can be used for various purposes, which makes it a versatile hook and pick set. All the tools are made from steel, and they are quite durable. The tools have a common C shaped head style. The design and color of the tools look quite good. The handle grip is comfortable and made from plastic.

So, you can use the tools anytime, without any issues related to the handle grip. You will get six different shaped tools in this set. But, the height or size of the tools is the same, which is nine ¾ inches. There is a straight pick, full hook, double angle pick, combination pick, complex pick, and finally, a 90-degree pick.

This set is the best choice for you if you are in search of hook and pick tools at an affordable cost. The set is totally suitable for beginners, advanced users, and also professionals. So, finally, considering all the aspects, this is an extraordinary set.

8. ARES 70255 – Interchangeable Hook and Pick 6-Piece Set

Also Good

This model has a total of 6 picks and a single detachable handle. The shafts of the tools are built from durable chrome vanadium steel. So, the picks have good stability and last for a longer period. They have a chrome plate covering, which prevents both rust and corrosion.

The hook and pick set has every item that you need to discard pins, buckles, hoses, and moldings. You can also remove the braces, labels, O-rings, cotter bolts, and many more with the six unique shaped picks. It has a lightweight, ergonomic handle. The grip handle functions well along with the exchangeable hook system. This also has a rapid release mechanism.

So, you can change the hooks and picks easily and quickly. This feature saves quite a lot of time and is very helpful in emergencies. Besides, it comes with a portable nylon storage bag for organizing the tools. So, you don’t have to waste your time searching for the tools.

Buyers’ guide

When you’re buying lockpicking tools, there are a few main things to be careful about, but omitting any of them might leave you with a useless tool set that doesn’t really do much. So, what are those things? In order of importance, here they are.

Variety of tools

It is the first thing you’ll want to note. You don’t just want that lockpick set with 30 tools, you actually want there to be a useful set of tools that you can learn with, and improve your skills with as you progress. Those tools include hooks, rakes, half-diamonds and torsion wrenches, and a good lockpicking set will have all of them. We’ll talk about how each one is used later on, but for now, you should know that you should have all.

Choice of materials

Is what determines how long each of those tools will last, and how likely it is to damage a lock while you’re picking it (hint, that’s why you never practice on your own locks, but get practice ones – damaging them is a real possibility). It’s best to go with stainless steel, but heat-treated steel is also good as an alternative. Stay away from fragile materials. Oh, and when it comes to the handle, do the opposite – seek a rubberized or plastic handle, as it will be immensely more comfortable.

Last but not least, do consider a carrying case. A carrying case will let you keep all your lockpick tools in one place, as opposed to losing them constantly because you misplaced them. A good kit will come with a case to fit all tools, often even a high quality leather one – that’s definitely a bonus.

How do you use the various tools?

A torsion, or tension wrench comes in a few different styles and sizes. It varies depending on your preference, as well as the size and types of locks you’ll be using it with. They could be as simple as an L-shaped piece of metal, or they could have notches and twists, depending on what you want to accomplish. It’s used to apply tension to the lock while you’re trying to pick it, and is an essential tool.

Hooks and half-diamonds are also known as feeler picks. They’re small picks that are made to let you feel the pins inside the lock, and apply pressure to each one individually. This lets you set the pins methodically and work through them, which is many locksmiths’ preferred way of doing things. They do require a bit of skill, and are basically more difficult to operate than rakes (which we’ll discuss next). However, when you get a bit of skill, they’re a lot more effective than other tools.

Rakes basically look like a small serrated knife, and they let you go over the pins back and forth pretty randomly. While this may be faster than a feeler pick, it’s also very hit-or-miss, as not all locks can be tripped by raking. They make things random, which is why many “purists” don’t like them, as it takes away part of the satisfaction of “solving the puzzle”. However, they’re the fastest way of getting into a lock, which is why it’s still worth it to keep them in your arsenal.

If you were to assemble a kit yourself, the best way to go about it would be a tension wrench, one to two types of feeler picks, and a couple of different rakes. With the kits we spoke about above, though, you don’t have to bother as much because they all come with a good variety of tools.

Wrapping things up

Whether you take it up as a hobby, or you intend on getting serious about your lockpicking knowledge, it’s always worth it to have the best lock picking tools you can get. The list above should give you a few options, and the buyers’ guide will explain how to choose best, so happy shopping!

1. Mudder 9 Pieces Tweezers Kit

Our Pick

The Mudder 9 pieces kit isn’t your run-of-the-mill lock picking set. Instead, it’s a set of tweezers that adds a bit to its versatility. It’s certainly usable as a lockpicking tool, and it lets you do things a bit differently, giving you a new perspective if you’re already well versed with picking locks. Is it worth it, is it a set of the best lock picking tools? Let’s find out.

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