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A conventional rear view mirror is an extremely useful thing when you’re backing up with your car. But let’s face it, with today’s technological advancements, a regular rear view mirror is boring. Instead, you could go with something like the best mirror dash cam options on the market. How do they work?

They replace your rear view mirror with a display, basically. Instead of you struggling with blind spots etc., you have a camera at the back of your car that shows you exactly where you are. No blind spots, no things you can’t see, nothing. It’s a perfect example of technology helping us with everyday lives.

So, how do you find the best rear view mirror dash cam? There’s a host of them on the market, and they come in at various prices and with various spec sheets. Add to that the fact that not all of them are worth it, and you’ve got a tedious task at your hands.

Well, we’re here to help. Below we’ve got a list of some of the best mirror dash cam models you can buy today, and a short review for each of them. We’ll also have a short buyers’ guide below, too, so you know what all those specifications mean. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at our options.

Looking for a quick answer? Here are our top 3

#1TOGUARD Backup Camera 10″1080P FHDMirror Dash Cam
Night Vision
1080P Rear Camera
Read ReviewCheck Price on Amazon
#2AKASO Mirror Dash Camera 10″1080P FHDG-Sensor Parking Monitor
32 GB SD Card (DL9)
Read ReviewCheck Price on Amazon
#3AUKEY Mirror Dash Cam 6.8″1080P FHDParking Mode
Motion Detection
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Top 5 Best Mirror Dash Cams This Year


1. TOGUARD Backup Camera 10″

Our Pick

Our first pick is a rear view dash cam by TOGUARD, a brand that may not be the first that springs to mind, but is still a great choice. It’s also the priciest option on our list, but when you consider all it offers, it’s actually a very good option.

First things first, it’s massive. It has a 10” display with a 1080p resolution and an IPS panel, so image quality is great. It’s also a touch screen you can use to move around the camera’s field of view. You don’t only have a rear view waterproof camera, but also a front dash cam, which is pretty handy. Both have a wide field of view, as well as night vision.

When you consider everything you’re getting as a package from the TOGUARD, you’ll find that even at a high price, it’s hard to beat. The feature set is excellent, the performance is also great, and you’ll be good to go both at the front and the rear, for the price of a single camera. Truly the best mirror dash cam out there.


2. AKASO Mirror Dash Camera 10″

Runner Up

At a slightly lower price, the AKASO is another 10” behemoth that comes with two cameras. It has a great set of features and a high quality sensor in the camera, and the price is still reasonable. The only reason it’s not first is that the display itself is not 1080p.

The cameras both record in 1080p, and have a 170 degree field of view. The Sony IMX307 sensor and f/1.8 fixed focus lens ensure that video is clear and you can easily distinguish details both at the front and the rear. When reversing, the display switches to the rear camera automatically, and the parking line will help you with your parking.

A nifty feature is the parking monitor that ensures recordings are saved if someone scratches your car during parking – a true silent witness. You’ll also get a 32GB memory card, but you can add an up to a 128GB card if you want to.

All things considered, if you don’t need the 1080p display and would rather save a few bucks, this could be the best rear view mirror dash cam for your use.

3. AUKEY Mirror Dash Cam 6.8″

Also Great

AUKEY is no stranger to the budget electronics game, and this is the cheapest product on our list. However, it still makes the top three thanks to a great feature set and excellent performance.

The 6.8” display may seem lackluster compared to the 10” behemoths above, but it is still extremely useful and works really well. At the front you have a 1080p camera with the possibility to record in-cabin audio, and the rear view camera itself is 720p. The fields of view are 170 degrees and 160 degrees at the front and rear respectively, so you’ll be able to see just about everything around your car.

The AUKEY also has a few extra features up its sleeve – the parking monitor works on an internal battery, and there’s a G-sensor that tells it to record if something happens. That same G-sensor also locks any footage if something happens, so it doesn’t get deleted.

If you need the best mirror dash cam on a budget, but still want a great feature set, by all means go for it!


Back to huge displays, we’ve got the Campark R10. It’s another mirror dash cam with a 10”, touch-sensitive IPS display that performs pretty good and is priced right in the middle between the cheapest and most expensive models on our list.

In terms of features, you have two cameras, the rear of which is IP68 waterproof and has an f/2.0 lens for low light performance. Both cameras have a wide field of view and record at the same time, so you are aware what’s going on in front of and behind the car at all times. When reversing, the angle of the camera is automatically adjusted so you have the best point of view available.

There’s also the host of must-have features, such as loop recording and a G-sensor that locks videos in case something happens so they don’t get overwritten. At the end of the day, if you don’t need a high resolution display but still want high quality video that allows you to distinguish details with ease, the Campark R10 strikes a perfect balance.

5. TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″

We kicked off our list with a TOGUARD camera, and we’ll finish it with one as well. This time it’s the much cheaper, and smaller, 7” model. The display is an IPS touch screen and the quality is pretty good, even though the resolution isn’t too high.

The two cameras record at 1080p and 480p at the front and rear respectively, and the rear camera is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it being outside of the car. If you connect the rear camera right, you’ll see that the display automatically switches to it when reversing, a neat feature.  The field of view is wide on both, so you don’t have to worry about not seeing that pole that’s a bit to the side when you’re parking.

The rest of the camera is a pretty standard affair – loop recording, parking monitor, G-sensor, it checks all the boxes for a good mirror dash cam. If you want a big display but don’t want to spend a lot of money on the best mirror dash cam, this could be the thing for you.

Buyers Guide

How do you choose one?

Even though some would go into great detail here, we’re going to be short and concise, and focus on all the important things without wasting any time. So, what should you look for when you’re shopping for the best rear view mirror dash cam?

The first thing is the video quality. With a mirror dash cam, you can afford a lower quality rear camera because you’ll mostly use it for parking. However, the front camera should be at least 720p, and 1080p is preferred. In case of an accident, you want to be able to easily distinguish details and faces.

Next, you’ll need a wide field of view. A dash cam makes no sense if you can’t see everything at the front, and the rear, because you’ll need as much information captured as possible. Fortunately, even budget dash cams today come with fields of view wider than 150 degrees, so you should be covered here.

The display is another highly important thing on a rear view mirror dash cam. While the resolution isn’t too important, since you’ll be limited by your rear camera’s resolution, it’s still nice to have a 720p or 1080p display. It’s the size that matters much more, and 7” is a bare minimum. You’ll see a few models that are larger than that, but you want a balance because a too large display will get in the way. 10” should be the maximum.

Finally, you’ll see that many cams come with additional functionality such as a G-sensor, parking mode, etc., which are all nice-to-haves.

Wrapping things up

At the end of the day, choosing the best mirror dash cam shouldn’t be too difficult. Just take a look at the options we have above, as well as the buyers’ guide, and decide where your priorities are and how much you can afford to spend on a dash cam. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’re only left with choosing what the best rear view mirror dash cam is for you, and getting it!

1. TOGUARD Backup Camera 10″

Our Pick Again

Our first pick is a rear view dash cam by TOGUARD, a brand that may not be the first that springs to mind, but is still a great choice. It’s also the priciest option on our list, but when you consider all it offers, it’s actually a very good option.


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