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Last Updated on February 10, 2021

When you look for an outdoor TV antenna, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right one. For example, what is the range, is the signal strong enough, will I get the channels that I want, and additional questions that can be reason for concern.  One of those large concerns are with your signal and trying to get the best signal without having to fight to position your antenna. An omnidirection outdoor tv antenna is a perfect solution to this problem and were here to help you choose one.

Here at gadgets spy we have put together a list of the top three “Best Omnidirectional outdoor tv antennas” that are a great choice for your home. If your looking for a more general guide on all tv antennas please visit our top 10 tv antennas article here.

ViewTV Outdoor Antenna Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna Motorized 360 Degree Rotation Wireless Remote 1080p 4K Ready up to 150 Miles Range with 40 ft coax Cable, Mini Indoor TV Antenna

1. ViewTV Amplified Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Our Pick

This particular antenna provides consumers with a range of features and quality. It allows users to get free channels and can get a long range signal from a variety of towers.


  • The “ViewTV Amplified Antenna” provides up to 150 miles range along with its free broadcast of HD signals.
  • The “ViewTV Amplified Antenna” can support 720p,1080i, and 1080p.
  • It comes with a wireless remote for easy usability, and it is weatherproof. One of the best features that the “ViewTV Amplified Antenna” provides is the ability to be lightning proof. Moreover, most suppliers that sell the “ViewTV Amplified Antenna” provide the power adapter and 40feet length of the cable.
  • The “ViewTV Amplified Antenna” can also support two TV’s on the same line, and the installation is simple to follow. It can be mounted to a pole for easier range access and allows the 360-degree rotation to avoid technical problems. 

Pro vs Cons

  • There are many pros to the “ViewTV Amplified Antenna”. Not only can it have the features that were mentioned above, but also it has an automatic noise reduction built into the product.
  • Many reviewers that have purchased the product stated that it could get up to 69 different channels with great quality. It is easy to install and is lightweight.

There are only a few drawbacks when it comes to this product.

Some of the suppliers do not provide the power supply, but many do. In addition, some of them do not provide the mounting pole, but that can be easily dismissed because finding them at your local hardware store is relatively easy.

Tree New Bee Outdoor Remote Controlled HDTV UHF VHF Antenna FM Radio 360° Motorized Rotation Up to 150 miles & 40ft RG6 Cable

2. Amplified Outdoor Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna by Tree New Bee

Runner Up

The “Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna by Tree New Bee” is a remarkable antenna.

It is simple toinstall and many people who have purchased this product love the fact it has a radio included.


  •  The “Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna by Tree New Bee” has many features that are sought after for those looking to buy a quality antenna. One of the best features that it supports is the ability to get free channels in HD. Therefore, you do not have to worry about those extra monthly bills just to watch TV.
  • The range that the “Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna by Tree New Bee” provides is 150 miles.
  • It also provides a built-in noise reduction and a motor that allows the 360-degree rotation with a built-in button. To top that off many suppliers of the “Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna by Tree New Bee” allow consumers to have a 1-year warranty for any cause of concerns.
  • This antenna is only a few dollars less than the “View TV Antenna”, however, it does not have the wireless remote, thus making it less expensive. 

Pro vs Cons

Since many reviewers who have purchased this product stated this was one of the best on the market, we added it to our list.

  • Many people stated that it was simple to install, gave clear quality channels, and had great range.
  • A few of the negatives that some stated in regards to the amplified outdoor was that it did not work, however, this can be easily dismissed due to a handlers mistake.

A simple easy to follow instruction manual is included, and mishandling the product could cause it not to work. The other drawback was that it did not come with the wireless remote. However, the built-in button to get the antenna to turn was easily accessible and you did not have to lose a remote to move it.

BoostWaves WA2608 Outdoor Amplified HDTV Motorized Rotation Kit with Installation Kit

3. BoostWaves Omnidirectional Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Also Great

The “BoostWaves Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna” has a variety of features, which makes it simple to find one you need.

The “BoostWaves Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna” provides a waterproof antenna that is simple to install. It also can provide an installation kit when purchased.


The features of the “BoostWaves Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna” are endless.

  • First, it is reviewed as one of the best quality built products on the market.
  • It can support the full 360 range and has the clear quality channels that many seek after.
  • The device was built with stability and quality in mind, therefore the consumers would be proud to own a strong antenna that is trustworthy.
  • It can get up to 125 miles in range and comes with 50 feet of cable.
  • To top that off it also comes with a remote to access the rotation for better signaling.
  • The company also focused on safety when this product was being manufactured, therefore it is easy to install, and can withstand weather conditions.
  • To top that off it comes with the safety kit that has all the ties and cable clips that you need to install it professionally. 

Pros vs Cons

  • This was rated the best antenna by “BoostWaves”, and many reviewers have stated the same.
  • It has all the features that one needs for a quality antenna and it is built with stability.
  • The only drawback to this product was the range length.
  • It is made to get signals up to 125 miles away, vs the others that can extend to 150 miles.
  • However, it has strong cables that allow a better quality of HD to surface the TV.


Is an omnidirectional antenna better than a standard one?

This is a rather usual question that is asked when a person is searching for a TV antenna. Moreover, many people do not know the answer. According to Cisco: “An antenna is a passive device which does not offer any added power to the signal. Instead, an antenna simply redirects the energy it receives from the transmitter.

The redirection of this energy has the effect of providing more energy in one direction, and less energy in all other directions.” Therefore, to make this easier to follow, and to understand the difference, here are a few key points to each style of antenna:

• Directional Antenna:

Pulls from 3 & 4G signals. They are decent performers, but they can only catch a 45-90 degree field. They are directional, therefore; they cannot access  a tower from behind them unless turned. They, however, can reach a longer distance than an omnidirectional antenna.

The directional antennas are mostly used by people who live in rural areas because the towers are located towards town, vs all around them. They can provide a stronger signal because it has a smaller field; however, they always have to be pointed towards tower vs an Omni that can pull from any direction. Usually they will need technical installation to work correctly.

• Omnidirectional

Pulls from 3 & 4G signals. Overall has better performance than a directional antenna. Can catch a signal from a “360-degree field”. Great for those in urban locations. Installation is rather simple. Can attract different signals for a variety of carriers with different tower locations. Therefore finding a signal will be easy to obtain. To top that off they are cost effective.

When choosing a correct antenna for your home, the obvious city choice in the two selections above would be the omnidirectional antenna because it has extended range and additional features that most people would need to obtain the channels and quality of network in their home. In addition, the ability to gather signals from different sources would allow faster connection speed and quality channels.

What to look for in an Omnidirectional Antenna.

 When picking an omnidirectional antenna a few key features and aspects need to be considered. For example, range, installation, cost, audio-visual quality and performance, product reviews, channel receiver, and cable length.

There are other facts to consider, however in order to keep this relatively simple these are the main points that need comparisons between different products.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, finding the correct antenna for your TV is simple once you take the features and reviews are under consideration. Using an Omni antenna is functional for many homeowners and allows a variety of signals to be found vs the one directional antenna.

According to What Is, “Omnidirectional antennas are used in most consumer RF wireless devices, including cellular telephone sets and wireless routers”. Therefore, next time you are in the market for a TV antenna, take a look at these top three Omni Antennas, you will not be disappointed.




ViewTV Outdoor Antenna Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna Motorized 360 Degree Rotation Wireless Remote 1080p 4K Ready up to 150 Miles Range with 40 ft coax Cable, Mini Indoor TV Antenna

1. ViewTV Amplified Antenna

Our Top Pick Again

This particular antenna provides consumers with a range of features and quality.

It allows users to get free channels and can get a long range signal from a variety of towers.

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