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It doesn’t matter whether you want to track your pet, or your children, or even your spouse, and we’re not here to judge the morality of either of those, having a personal GPS tracker is an interesting idea. It’s basically a small, pocket-sized tracker that you can take with you without it weighing you down.

Why would you want one? Well, pets getting lost is a pretty common occurrence. With the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee, you can easily open a map app and see where it is, thus saving you a lot of time and nerves in looking for it. You may also want to know why your children are coming home from school a lot later than they should be, and where they are in the meantime.

Regardless of the reasons, you might want to look at a few options and see what the best personal GPS trackers are. To help with that, we’ve got a list of them, and as a bonus, we’ll give you a buyers’ guide that covers the basics of buying one.

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Quick Summary: Best Personal GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee of 2019

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PetFon Pet GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking Collar Device, APP Control For Dogs And Pets Activity Monitor

1. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

Our Pick

Our top pick is PETFON’s Pet GPS tracker. It’s an expensive personal GPS tracker, but it’s by far the best way of tracking your pet, making that asking price very much worth it. It’s also got a host of useful features, as well as some that you just won’t find anywhere.

First things first, this is a tracker that combines GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and long distance wireless technologies in order to give you a pinpoint location. While others work based on cellular networks, the PETFON doesn’t, and thus doesn’t require you to use a SIM card, thus saving you money for monthly, or service fees.

Setting up the app is really easy to do, but unfortunately, it only works on iOS. However, once you do have it set up, you can see your pet’s location at any time, and see what it’s doing. The device itself is small, so your pet won’t feel bothered by it, and it’s also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about a puddle of water destroying it.

In terms of additional features, you have geofencing, which will notify you if your pet leaves a predetermined area, as well as multicolor alerts for different things. You can remotely activate the tracker’s LED, which will flash so you can locate your pet more easily during the night time. Another neat thing is that you can store voice commands on it, which basically lets you communicate with the pet at any moment.

Last but not least, you have the battery life. With a single charge, you can use it for 8 to 16 hours, depending on the usage scenario. It also comes with a nifty little charging case. All things considered, this is the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee.

Amcrest GPS Tracker - 2G Portable Mini GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles, Cars, Kids, Persons, Assets Hidden Tracker w/Geo-Fencing, Text/Email/Push Alerts, 14 Day Battery, Global, No Contract, AM-GL300

2. Amcrest GPS Tracker

Runner Up

Amcrest’s portable GPS tracker is the runner up on our list, but it’s actually a really great alternative to the PETFON if you want a personal tracker for yourself, instead of your pet. It’s got quite the feature set, and it comes in at a very reasonable price.

First things first, this is a 2G device, so you’ll need a 2G SIM card, which is not something many common carriers support nowadays. If you’re fine with that, though, that’s the only thin you’ll need to pay for since there’s no subscription with the Amcrest.

The tracker lets you use either the smartphone app (available on Android/iOS), or a desktop web access interface, and monitor activity, as well as manage alerts and generate any custom reports. You can even have links to share with your family so they can track whoever has the tracker.

In terms of advanced functionality, you get geofencing, which alerts you when the device leaves a predetermined area, as well as smart alerts that tell you when the speed limit has been exceeded, or when there was harsh breaking. With a 10-14 day battery, you also won’t need to charge it too often. It’s an excellent personal alternative to the PETFON.

3. SIKVIO GPS Tracker

Also Great

SIKVIO’s personal GPS tracker is our runner up, and it comes in handy for everything from yourself, to other people, to pets and even your vehicle. It’s wallet friendly as well, and works admirably, coming with a host of features you’ll love.

To begin with, the tracker makes use of Wi-Fi, LBS and GPS, and combines them all to get you a strong signal. However, you will need a SIM card, but not from AT&T or Verizon, since they no longer support 2G networks. If you don’t mind that, you’ll have a signal that’s accurate to 16-50 feet, depending on the environment, and which you can quickly locate using Google Maps.

The size of it is excellent – it’s actually a bit smaller than a cigarette lighter, so carrying it is pretty easy. You also have advanced functionality such as geofencing, as well as an SOS button that will immediately contact a predefined number. This is excellent, especially for tracking elderly people.

The app is also pretty intuitive and easy to use, and SIKVIO themselves don’t require any kind of monthly fee. If this sounds like something you could use, definitely give it a shot – you won’t be disappointed.

4. GoTele GPS Tracker

Even though extremely pricey, the goTele GPS Tracker is the only true best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee that will last even in difficult scenarios. It comes in a two-pack, and they’re meant to communicate with each other, which is why you won’t need to pay any kind of subscription fees, and you won’t need cell service or Wi-Fi.

The app works wonderfully, and makes the tracker very suitable for hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and similar outdoor activities that require a rugged device. It’s designed to be shockproof, so even if you drop it, chances are it will continue to work just like it’s supposed to. Oh, and it’s also waterproof and dustproof, so yes, it’s just as rugged as you think it is, if not more.

It features real-time tracking, and things such as geofencing and SOS button. One downside is that the device need to be 3-5km apart for them to work in suburbs, and 1-3km in downtown areas. There’s also the issue of mountain terrains, buildings and electric equipment affecting reception. If this is something you can live with, though, and you find yourself outdoors often, the goTele GPS Tracker is the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee.


5. TAOZHI Mini Portable GPS Tracker

The TAOZHI is pretty similar to the SIKVIO tracker we mentioned earlier, but the app is a bit less intuitive to use and hence it’s lower on our list. However, it does come with a good set of features and functionalities, and it’s also very, very cheap, especially considering there’s no monthly fee.

The device itself is very small, and you can have it on your person, or in a bag/backpack without ever feeling it’s even there. The GPS module works great, with accuracy of 16-32 feet, and it combines the GPS signal with Wi-Fi and LBS in order to get an accurate location more quickly.

The downside, like the SIKVIO, is the requirement for a SIM card from a provide that supports 2G networks. SpeedTalk is one of the options that springs to mind, and you should be good to go with their sim card.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a budget-oriented GPS tracker that has all the basic functionality, and won’t charge you a monthly fee, the TAOZHI may be the one to go for.


Buyers’ guide

The first thing you’ll want to note when buying the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee is the physical size of the tracker itself. Whether you’re buying it for a person, or a pet, it should be lightweight and pocketable, so it doesn’t weigh you down and doesn’t require you to carry a bag for it.

GPS accuracy is the second key thing, because with people, you want accuracy within a few feet, not within a 100 yards. That could be the difference between finding the person, or pet, and not finding them in a crowd.

Additional features that are worth paying a bit more for include geofencing, as well as multiple alerts that would let you know if something’s going on. You can have a safe area and get your tracker to notify you if it leaves that area, for example, but not a lot of models offer this.

Last but not least, note the battery life. A GPS tracker is useless if the battery is empty, and that may very well happen with a personal tracker. They do use up quite bit of battery, so you’ll be best off with something that you can either quickly recharge, or that doesn’t use too much battery in the first place.

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking Collar Device, APP Control For Dogs And Pets Activity Monitor

1. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

Our Pick Again

Our top pick is PETFON’s Pet GPS tracker. It’s an expensive personal GPS tracker, but it’s by far the best way of tracking your pet, making that asking price very much worth it. It’s also got a host of useful features, as well as some that you just won’t find anywhere.


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