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Picking out the best portable radio for camping is no easy feat! Portable radio for camping is an entirely different variety, and there are many factors other than the ordinary to take into consideration. The device needs to do more than just fine-tuning to good music; it should also be a helpful device should you land in sticky situations! So, if you have an upcoming camping trip and we have the best options for you. After browsing through countless reviews, testing these portable radios in real life against every adverse circumstance, we can confidently say that FosPower Emergency Portable Radio will be your best bet! If you still want to browse through other options then read on as we cover these and :

      1. A quick glance at our top pics for the 5 best portable radio for camping.
      2. Our experiences with each portable radio to understand the reason behind the selection.
      3. A helpful guide on how to buy the best portable radio in the market.

Quick Summary: 5 Best Portable Radio for Camping

Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

  1. Best Overall 1. FosPower Emergency Portable Radio
    A power bank, reading light, and radio, all packaged in one! Add on durability and affordability, FosPower definitely deserves our praises!
  2. Runner-Up: 2. PPLEE AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Portable Radio
    For the people that want versatility without compromising on the quality and durability, this should be their choice for portable radio for camping.
  3. Best Budget: 3. Tiemahun Hand Crank Dynamo AM/FM Radio
    For campers who are on a budget, but still would like to buy a portable radio that can get the job done.
  4. Best Basic:  4. DreamSky AM/FM Portable Radio
    For old school people that prefer a fuss-free device that plays the role of radio and nothing else!
  5. Best Sophisticated Design:  5. Panasonic Rf 2400D Am/FM Radio
    A robust radio that promises sleek design, durable built, and high-quality audio.

Band: AM/ FM/ NOAA
Dimensions: 6.2*2.9*2.1
Battery: 3 AAA
IP Rating: IPx3
Battery Life: 3 Hours
Weight: 10.9 oz

Our Pick

We have loved testing this emergency weather radio! Truly an all-in-one device, FosPower comes with a 2000mAh power bank to charge your electrical gadgets and doubles as a reading light that allows you to curl up with a good book in nature’s lap.


Although the power bank may seem small, in case of emergencies and when you are trying to catch some peace and quiet, it is useful.

This FM Radio is quite exceptional. Elongate its antenna up to the full extent, and you can have clear sound quality. This is also an NOAA weather radio that provides timely alerts. The reading lamp provides light in dual ways – one is a flashlight, and another being, small floodlight.

We are also highly impressed by the fact that it can be charged three ways! Its major power source is – AC adapter. It is also a hand crank portable radio, and the rechargeable battery can also be charged by a solar panel. Both methods are slower than the actual power source, but in case of emergency, it sustains nicely! (1)


  • Durable
  • Can be powered three-way, and hand-crank portable radio is reliable
  • Doubles up as a power bank
  • Due to the telescopic antenna, the reception quality is top-notch
  • Compact, portable radio, and lightweight


  • When the solar panel is angled, the floodlight will automatically turn on

Band: AM/ FM/ NOAA/ SW
Dimensions: 7*4.5*3.5
Battery: 3 AAA
IP Rating: IPx3
Battery Life: 3 Hours
Weight: 1 lb

Runner Up

Another camping radio that will withstand the test of a camping trip is PPLEE’s! There are so many features to discover and discuss here. One thing that catches your eyes right away is its portability.


This camping radio will get you through any emergency and is built in a way that it can double up as an emergency weather radio. It allows you to stay up to date on any alerts.

Featuring a 6 LED reading lamp and a 5-watt flashlight, it practically solves all your power source problems! You do not have to worry about being stuck in the dark or finding a way out during emergencies as the radio also has an SOS alarm feature.

The portable radio can be powered in five different ways, namely – USB Input, rechargeable battery, AAA batteries, solar panel, and it is also a hand crank portable radio.


  • Built-in bright and loud lighting and SOS alarm
  • Portable and durable
  • Versatile
  • Features a 2000mAH power bank for charging gadgets
  • 5 power sources


  • Some people have faced reception issues

Band: AM/ FM/ NOAA
Dimensions: 5*2.4*1.6
Battery: 1 Li-Ion
Weight: 7.2 oz

Best Budget

One of the best budget options on this list of 5 best camping radios, the Hand Crank Portable Radio by Tiemahun is great!


It is compact, easy to use, and carry. We are also thankful that it can be charged by solar energy, micro USB, and hand crank.

The first thing that impressed us was the sound quality. The AM and FM stations will keep you entertained and informed. It also features a 3 LED flashlight that is bright enough to be used in the dark or emergency.

On a full charge and with a rechargeable battery, it will be a long time before it dies out of power. Features a 1000mAh power bank, it gives the feel of a well-thought-out portable radio. (2)


  • Durable, solid, and smooth exteriors
  • Excellent in outdoor activities such as hiking or camping
  • Multiple charging options
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Slightly problematic tuner
  • No alarm tone

Band: AM/ FM
Dimensions: 4.7*0.8*2.9
Battery:  2 AA (Included)
Weight: 8.4 oz

Best Basic

Another impressive radio on the list! The size is probably its best feature as it is compact. It will never be a burden on your outdoor adventures and also performs well indoors.


DreamSky’s radio is quite functional as it features many AM and FM stations and different bands. While testing, we also found that portable radio can catch reception easily, even when there are many obstacles. The user will never be left without music, where the signals are concerned. Our guess is its metal antenna plays a titular role in keeping it free of static.

Another advantage is the radio’s huge speakers! The users will be able to hear crystal clear reports and music with good quality.


  • Easy to place in tight spaces like a bedroll, suitcase, or even the pocket
  • Portable and compact
  • Effective in outdoors as well as indoors
  • Easy to use
  • Large speakers produce clear and loud sounds.


  • The dial is made of plastic; may not last very long

Band: AM/ FM
Dimensions: 5.8*4.6*9.8
Battery: 4 AA
Weight: 1.81 lbs

Best Sophisticated Design

The Panasonic RF features a simplistic design that will not pose any problems for people, regardless of the age group they belong to! With a sturdy metal tuner to its side, it makes for a smooth and stable listening experience.


It comes with a rechargeable battery and can also be run on a power source by AC adapter, therefore making it fit for using indoors as well as outdoors. Panasonic RF 2400D has a unique Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) that further simplifies the tuning method and allows it to extend the reception range for AM. (3)

In addition to the hard-to-miss-dial, it also features a pointer that is fluorescent, making it ideal for dark or low lighting. The Panasonic RF 2400D also comes with a headphone jack, a large speaker, and a carrying handle.


  • Impressive audio with the help of a 10 cm speaker
  • Advanced technology
  • Good signal capacity
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Lightweight and compact


  • No cassette recorder or CD Player

Our Pick Again

We have loved testing this emergency weather radio! Truly an all-in-one device, FosPower comes with a 2000mAh power bank to charge your electrical gadgets and doubles as a reading light that allows you to curl up with a good book in nature’s lap.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Portable Radio for Camping?

You are looking for the best portable radio for camping and are preparing for the next big adventure! However, things will quickly get complicated when you find that millions of choices are available, and you do not know how to narrow down these options. To aid you in your conquest, we have put together a list of features to look out for!

Power Sources

Ideally, the best portable camping radio will have the option of charging via different methods. FM Radio meant for camping doesn’t need to be too loud or large. Since the surroundings will be quiet, even a small FM radio or transistor is enough and the best advantage is that due to their compact sizes, they need very little energy to keep going.

This is the reason why so many portable radios come with a small solar panel and one or two AA batteries. Sometimes the option of solar hand crank or a dynamo and crank battery system is also available. Using a wind-up or spring-loaded mechanism, the outdoor radio doesn’t leave the user stranded. A full charge can last a very long time and in the odd case that the battery does run out, have the option of charging it via renewable sources.

Reception Range

Nobody wants to be stuck at an awkward angle with their camping radio trying to get a decent FM radio signal. You know you have made a bad decision when all you hear is static, especially when you have been in the mood to pass time by listening to music. If you are worried that in the woods, there will be no signals, then that is simply not the case. FM stations’ signals are still dispersed by trees; all it takes is a bit of fine-tuning!

Unfortunately, there is no clear way of gauging how high quality is the reception range of a portable AM FM. In this case, you have to get creative and try to read as many reviews as possible to hear what actual buyers are saying.

Preparing for any Weather

A crucial part of preparing for camping is the need to prepare for an emergency. Every gadget you pack should be helpful. Similarly, emergency radio should also be tailored to your needs. Best portable radios are the ones that can withdraw rain and an accidental splash of water.

For picking a portable radio for camping, choose one that has a minimum of IPx4 rating. It means that it can even stay in water for a few seconds and wouldn’t malfunction.

Portable and Lightweight

When you are outdoors, whether it is for camping or hiking, the key is to pack light. Every ounce of weight counts and your camping radio cannot be heavy while still being functional and high quality. It should be solid enough for an emergency but also light and compact.

Sound Quality

Camping radios are built for their toughness, but just because they are meant for emergency radio doesn’t mean they can’t offer exceptional sound quality. The best portable radio for camping comes with high-quality built-in speakers that deliver good performance, especially when listening to the radio.

Other Features

Some critical aspects, such as FM NOAA weather or public alert logo, should be present. It should provide access to warnings or weather alerts with different tunes and SOS alarm to aid those who are hearing impaired.


Finding the best camping radio is not that of a difficult task, especially when you know what you are looking for! We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to narrow down your search to the 5 best portable radio for camping. While all of them are great, our top pick remains FosPower Emergency Portable Radio – easy to use, reliable, and battery-efficient!

The ultimate choice is up to your requirements and budget. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the world of camping radio and soon, you will find the best portable FM radio!

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