Finding the best spy camera is tough these days alot of the cameras out there are low quality and provide limited performance. This has lead us at Gadgets Spy to create a guide.

Since there are many subcategories like usb spy cameras, spy pens, spy clocks, spy watches, we provide our top picks from each category. Categories include: 1. mini cameras 2. usb camera 2. spy pens 3. spy clocks 4. button cameras 5. Spy watches 

We have compiled over 50 hours of research and testing to give you these comprehensive recommendations.

Quick Summary: Best Spy Camera of 2019

Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

Best Overall

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Field of View: 150 degree
Waterproof | Battery: 200 mA

A miniature yet super powerful Spy Camera, this is the smallest in the world at 0.87 inches and weighs 0.7 ounces.

It can be used as a nanny cam, on a drone or for home security. It can record videos unnoticeable using motion detection on, and has incredible battery life. This spy camera has a application with wifi that lets you monitor remotely. 

This spy camera is versatile enough for any situation and is consistently one of the best reviewed spy cameras.

Best Adaptable

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Wifi Enabled
Motion Detection

One of the smallest Wifi spy cameras around it is 1080p and comes with different attachments that mimic different buttons.

You can install this camera onto any clothing or button since the attachments make it virtually unnoticeable. However its also perfect for recording throughout the house or for positioning in items throughout the office.

This spy camera includes an applications with wifi that lets you monitor from anywhere. The camera also supports motion detetion which is a great feature that lets you save battery and memory since it will only start to record once someone passes its field of vision.

If your looking for a camera that can suit almost any purpose this spy camera is versatile enough for any situation.

Best USB

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Motion Detection
Night Vision
Wifi Enabled

 This wall charger is one of the best most well hidden spy devices on our list, with motion detection features and HD recording noone will ever suspect this wall charger.

Having trouble positioning it? Just grab an extention cord and connect it anywhere around the house, noone will ever suspect your charger!

Every time it starts recording (detects motion) it sends you a notification to your device, which leads to another super cool pro. This product sends wirelessly all the recordings to your phone and allows you to install the software on more than one device.

In 3 simple and easy steps, you can set up your mobile device with the spy camera. You can play back recordings or view what’s going on in real time. An alternative way is to place an SD card into the charger and view the recordings later which is also quite easy.

Another fascinating and useful benefit of this spy camera is its night vision capability. No matter day or night, your camera will be able to spot any motion at the 1080p crystal clear quality it provides, which is a big factor which makes it stand out the way it does.

It measures 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.7 inches and weighs 12 ounces, perfect and small enough to easily hide and conceal. Full SS wall charger review.

Best Pen

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Battery:  200mAh lithium
Frame rate: 30fps

This spy camera pen tops our list for various reasons. This device can be easily used on any PC with a Plug and Play capability using a USB cable.

The Altata 1080p HD Pen adheres to the highest recording standards, which also equates to superior features.

It has the highest camera resolution of 1280 X 1080p and a video frame rate of 30 FPS. This means that you get to have crystal clear video recording.

It is also easy to operate with only one click to start and stop the recording. It also has a rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery at 220mAH that offers long-lasting battery.

Talking about ease of use, another feature that contributes to this is the easy downloading to your PC. You can even add time stamps on the videos and pictures. It also has an expandable memory using SD card and true to its function as a pen eight ink cartridges are included.

Best Clock

Recording: 1280x720P HD
Night Vision
Frame rate: 25-30fps
Wi-Fi Enabled

The Micro Wi-Fi alarm clock is the perfect spy solution for those of you looking to hide a camera in something that is already well let’s and will draw no suspicion.


  • The spy cam comes with a large array of different features including a 1080 P resolution that records video at 30 frames per second.
  • This spy alarm clock has the same exact functionality as an alarm clock with the benefit of having a camera inside which also contains an as the card that can go up to 32GB.
  • This device comes with a USB charging cable and an application that can be downloaded using your smart phone.
  • One of the coolest features of this clock is the fact that you can connect it via Wi-Fi and view live videos anytime from anywhere using your smart phone.

Best Watch

Recording: 1920×1080P HD
Recording time: 1.5 hours

This spy watch was designed to look just like a normal watch while also having the functionality of a small camera embedded within it.


  • This hidden spy watch comes with four built-in LEDs that can be used in low light conditions or for night vision to be able to record video of quality in any light condition.
  • This spy watch is fairly strong and waterproof to make sure that you don’t accidentally short-circuit. The watch comes in 1080 P full HD with a built-in memory card which you can choose from 8 GB to 16 GB.
  • The camera also supports voice recording and snapshots.
  • The battery life is great for those spur of the moment video captures providing 1.5 hours of continuous recordings.

Best for Home

Recording: 960P
Recording time: 100 mintues
Wi-fi enabled
Field of View: 360 degree

One of the most inconspicuous spy cams in our list is the lightbulb wireless Wi-Fi spy cam.


  • It fits directly into a light bulb socket and provides 960 P panoramic fisheye recording. (1)
  • Worried about the positioning? Don’t worry it is adjustable and has the ability to rotate 360° to give you a full view.
  • It does not come with memory although there is support for a TF card that can go up to 64 GB.
  • There is a application that comes with the ball and through the app you can switch the LED on or off dependent on how you want to use it.
  • This spy cam is perfect for those looking to put an inconspicuous camera in a place where people rarely look or suspect one.

Best Unnoticeable

Recording: 1280×960
Motion Detection
Wi-fi enabled
Frame rate: 30fps

Are you looking for a covert way to take video with no one finding out? This close hook hidden spy camera is one of the best ways to do that.

Out of most of the things on this list this is one of the most specialized. This clothes hook is perfect for bedroom or living room use to position directly ask the spot you want to record.


  • It comes with a 90° viewing angle and 1080 P HD video.
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled which means that after you download an application you can easily look at what is going on at home from anywhere.
  • This camera is perfect for those trying to catch a cheating spouse or those that want to keep track of their children and make sure they’re taking care of while they’re gone.
  • The memory slot supports up to 32 GB of memory and includes a 300 MH battery inside which can provide hours of battery life.

Best Glasses

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Battery: 3.7V  300mAh
Wi-fi enabled
Recroding time: 150 Minutes

These smart spy video sunglasses are probably the most advanced sunglasses in the world today. They can be connected to either an android or iPhone app and come with a 1080 P recording camera built-in to the glasses.


  • Their small enough not to be easily noticed and durable enough to be taken with you biking or on any excursion you might go on.
  • What’s great about these sunglasses is they provide a first-person perspective with 155° wide-angle lens.
  • The camera provides loop recording which means you can keep recording over to make sure you never run out of memory.
  • The battery has up to 150 minutes of video recording time before it needs to be recharged.

Also Good

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Battery: 3.7V  300mAh
Motion Detection
Recroding time: 90Minutes

This spy camera is a little guy that packs a massive punch! Miniature yet super powerful, known as one of the smallest cameras in the word it comes in at .87 inches with a weight of .7 ounces.


  • Efficiently used as a nanny cam or for surveillance with the ability to record and take photos as well as a plethora of features like night vision and motion detection on.
  • This spy camera is the smallest in the market. It offers superior size with superior features including 1080 P video at 30 frames per second.
  • It easily connects to your computer using a USB and comes with the benefit of motion detection which allows it to turn on and start recording only when there is motion in the frame.
  • An additional massive benefit is the large battery life the camera comes with up to 100 minutes of constant recording battery life which gets even larger and jumps to one week if you have motion detection on.
  • It also comes with loop recording which allows you to continuously take video and overwrite old video but don’t worry since it comes with up to 32 GB of capacity you may never run out.

Also Good

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Motion Detection 

This fake smoke detector gives the appearance of being a fully functional detection device but within the small hole where a blinking detector should be there is a 1280p  30fps camera.


  • The great thing about this spy camera is that it comes with a remote that lets you toggle between a couple of features including recording, photo and audio recording to make sure you get everything you need.
  • Another great plus is that it can be installed and deinstalled to move around dependant on your situation or left in one position.
  • The recording memory card goes up to 32 GB and comes with a USB that lets you download all recording onto your PC or device.Easy to use and extremely practical, the smoke detector spy cam is a great device.
  • See our more detailed review here.

Also Good

Recording: 1920×1080 Full HD
Night Vision
Motion Detection
Battery: 550mAh lithium
Recording time: 125 minutes

This spy camera stands out in all the ways that matter. Are you looking for a hidden camera that is just so sneaky and hard to find that even the experts have no idea what it is? Then this HD bottle is the perfect device.


  • It comes with a built in recording system with motion detection and a incredible battery life all while looking like on of the most inconspicuous devices around.
  • The video resolution is strong and all you have to do is set it up on a countertop or table and push the record button.
  • Dont worry its completely waterproof but you probably wont be storing any water inside it just in case.

Also Good

Recording: 720P
Field of View: 65 degree
Recording time: 2 hours

This undercover hidden spy lighter is one of the more interesting devices from the Spy Solutions team. With this device they have decided to take a more covert approach by inserting the camera into an everyday device.



  • This hidden camera has a simple to use on and off switch that lets you pretend you playing with your lighter or put your lighter on the table while you start recording and take perfect video in hd with a great battery life.
  • On top of the 720p video resolution is comes with 30 fps recording to make sure your video is clear
  • There is also an attached LED light to make sure your get good quality video even in low light condition.


Purchasing Guide

Spy cameras have alot of different features and different facets that confuse many people when trying to find the right one, we have compiled a list of things for you to go through before choosing.

Things to look for checklist:

  1. Frame Rate
  2. Resolution
  3. Motion Detection
  4. Night Vision
  5. Recording Time
  6. Wifi
  7. Durability
  8. Mounting

The Frame Rate

Videos are produced with several still pictures which are played in fast succession. The movie will look smoother if the graphics are replayed quicker. This is known as the frame rate, and it’s measured in frames per second (fps). You want a higher frame rate to get better videos. The decent frame rate needs to be quicker than 12 fps. They generally come in 30 fps, which is excellent considering its dimensions.

High Vs Low Resolution

Mini Camera resolution comparisonImage resolution only refers to the number of pixels can be displayed on the display of your camera. If you aren’t knowledgeable about the word pixel, this is the smallest unit of color which may be shown on the monitor. The greater the resolution, the sharper the image will be.

Most of the devices we’ve assessed have the capacity of high definition (HD) records of 1920 X 1080p. This may not be the highest because the resolution, but nowadays can reach around 4K but for a miniature camera this is good enough, and the video will be quite detailed. (2)

Motion Detection

The reason why you will need the movement detection technologies is that you want to conserve the battery life power. Thus, allowing the camera to be idle when not in use and the fact that it can turn on when the camera detects movement in its viewing area.

Does it have Night Vision?

night visionGone are the days when you can’t picture anything when it gets dark. Today, night vision capability is a common feature in most spy cameras. Utilizing infrared lights, you can light up the field of vision for the camera to pick up the target with more brightness if there is low light.

The good thing about infrared lighting is that they are invisible to the naked eye. To quantify how good, the night vision capacity of the miniature spy camera is, you want to be aware of the amount of infrared lights it’s. The rule of thumb is that the more the IR lights, the more brightness you’ll get during low light conditions.

The Recording Time

The recording time of this system depends on their battery size. Since what we are talking about here is one that is all about an inch in diameter, so do not expect the battery to run up to what it’d do in a typical video camera. With the support of a micro SD card, it can enlarge its memory, but it may be overwritten when the memory card is full. Adding into the battery consumption is the night vision capacity.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

wifi mini cameraThough this attribute isn’t common, it’s an exciting addition however and unquestionably a game changer. With Wi-Fi capacity, you can see the movies or live activity remotely with an application if there’s an online signal. If you’re searching for home safety, this can be a requirement for real-time and convenience transmission of movie.

Its Durability

In the event that you were buying a gadget, you’d want it to last. These devices are fairly tiny and not constructed for demanding scenarios. But, it’s still possible to find some which are stronger than others are. The additional protective casing can help protect it from the components. Otherwise, you need to take additional care when they’re in use.

Can you Mount it?

mounted camSome of those devices have the magnetic backing to adhere to metallic items, but some include a clip or a mounting bracket so that you can connect them to a surface. Sometimes your device might not arrive with a bracket and you might want to create your miniature camera mount or purchase it seperately.

The Most Common Types of Spycams

When choosing the ideal device, you need to be in a position to choose first on its kind. The market is already saturated in cameras of all kinds and also to make the ideal choice it ought to be in a position to reply to your wants. To simplify, in case you require a device to picture at night, then it ought to have a night vision capability.

If what you need is to safeguard your house, then the motion-activated solution is your ideal option. You also need to must learn how the system operates because this also will ascertain the type you’ll be trying to find. You will find the kinds that save the camera footages in an inner memory card while you can find many others that send them into other apparatus.

  • WiFi
    Wireless spy cams join to other devices, also you may set the alarm to alert you whenever that the camera detects movement. There’s also a system which allows you reside to stream the movie to your smartphone or PC.
  • Motion Activated
    This really is the best device for your house since it could capture everything that’s occurring within a room. If there isn’t any action, the camera will be idle that conserves its battery life and memory .
    The detectors will only be triggered whenever there’s movement in a space, so you don’t need to watch useless substances when reviewing the recorded video. There are two varieties of movement triggered mini spy camera, a person is using their inner memory , and the other one is the one with additional device’s memory .
    To get a camera with SD card, it automatically records the footage from the card, so; you don’t require large memory capability. For cameras with movement sensors, they don’t require much memory because it will only record when there is someone in the area it monitors.
  • USB
    The memory cards also need small so anticipate these kind of spy cameras to not be the smallest from the package. Rather, they are generally hidden inside other apparatus, so the size doesn’t matter. They also possess other features like supplying HD footages and nighttime vision.
  • Nanny
    Nanny spy cameras differ from the manner they are implemented. Normally nanny cams come in just two choices the hidden ones that aren’t easy to spot and are placed within image frames and other forms of home appliances and things and then you will find the consensual ones that are bigger or more children friendly letting everybody know your viewing.
  • Button
    Button spy cameras tend to be somewhat more of a spying thing in relation to a casual apparatus, they’re constructed extremely small to seem like a button and also match in a button to permit you to spy on individuals and record without anybody finding out. Due to the smaller size occasionally video quality might endure but more often than not they’re equally as strong as ordinary cameras since they maintain the recording technologies in a box that’s encased split while the true lens is usually on peak of a longer cord.
  • Hidden Clock
    Hidden clock spy cameras are an ideal apparatus for covert spys. Now this merchandise is only listed here due to its prevalence, it could double as a nanny cam or simply a normal camera. It’s concealed and makes sure its principal function appears like that of a clock rather than a clear device. The recording quality is excellent on the majority of these clocks and they’re popular due to their simplicity of use and practicality to place and purpose privately areas, particularly popular with people attempting to catch a spouse cheating.
  • Peephole 
    Peephole spy cameras are built into your doorways peephole so once you receive a ring or somebody is in the doorway you can see exactly whose there and determined so if to open the doorway or pretend out your door. These cameras are available in many sizes and shapes some even provide the choice to speak back and forth with all the folks outside and some letting you utilize your smartphone to answer the door.

Tips For Setting Up Your SpyCam Like A Pro

Now you have broken down the options, the next step is to understand how to place it well to catch adequate footage. Let’s be real isn’t quite as simple as you might think. Without preparation and familiarity, you may not have your preferred result. Below are a few hints about the best way best to catch, unobstructed and helpful footages employing the spy camera.

  • recording of houseExercise Filming — you need to check the spy camera at the surroundings where it’ll be used. Here is the only method to be certain the footage will probably come out perfect. You’re able to handle the dilemma of poor lighting or Make
  • Check the angle – every device has a different angle for viewing which may allow it to get more into a shot or less this is essential since you don’t want to miss the edges, and having a big field of view covered is essential.
  • Motion activated extend memory and battery life — Don’t disregard the memory and battery life of the device. It’s important for you to not miss anything happening inside the room you’ve got the device in. If the area for this purpose has long periods of inactivity, it’s best to invest in apparatus with motion detection technologies.
  • Solve the problem of tricky positioning — There are 3 objectives when installing. First, it ought to be able to catch the faces of the folks inside the viewing angle. This means that the height must be just perfect. It should be placed inconspicuously, which means hiding the cam behind an unsuspecting object such as the lamp or wall clock. Lastly, be sure that nothing is obstructing the view.
  • Getting the lighting right — put your apparatus facing away in the organic lighting because the shadows will ruin the video or photo. Check for glare or the effects of artificial lighting on the movie quality prior to finalizing the spy camera positioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can 1080P in Video be Important? For movie quality, it’s vital, but it’s not a necessity. You can have the typical definition if you need and it won’t influence the surveillance caliber. 1 important feature you always have to check though is your sound.

    Cordless phones which have exactly the exact same frequency as the wireless spy camera may cause minor disturbance. That happens if the telephone is between the apparatus and the recipient.

  • Can spying be illegal? It isn’t illegal so long as the aim of this audio or video isn’t to damage others. In the united states, it’s illegal to capture sound recordings. Always keep this in mind.

  • Could I put in an air compressor? It is dependent upon the capability of the apparatus to resist extreme temperatures. Most devices don’t let it, but you will find a few high temperature rated ones which do. Constantly check the manual prior to installation.

  • Are there any universal directions? All these spy camera devices are available in many sizes and shapes there are many forms it’s challenging to acquire universal directions though there are many commonalities between different versions. We’ve got a excellent directions summary article with several links to directions guides which may be viewed here.

  • Do routine devices match on automobiles? Dash cams for automobiles are often made marginally different with features like automobile on recording and automobile overwrite following your gb allotment is coated in addition to auto suction cups or strategies to mount. If you would like to find a listing of fantastic cams for automobiles check our guide.

  • Why do I need an app? The important thing to note here is that with most of these spy cameras an app in not required but provided as a great bonus. Most of these spy cameras come with the ability to connect a usb and download and see your videos and photos through a physical connect. However if your looking for some added functionality the addition of an app allows you to take advantage of functionality such as live video, live communication and live mobility.
  • Do these apps work on Apple product? This question is best answered on a per device basis. Alot of manufacturer only provide apps for androids and some provide apps for both but this completely depends on your manufacturer, Android is currently the more common device so developers have tended towards building apps for it.
  • How Do I charge my device? Most of these devices come with USB chargers, some of them come with outlet chargers and some like the lightbulb connect into the socket and use the electricity through there.
  • How long do they last? They can last for many years, usually they will go up to 5 years of hard use and more if you take care of your device and use it less.
  • How much memory do I need? While 8 GB is too little 120 may be too much, you really need to take two things into consideration, do you need this camera for long recording like day stretches or can you settle with short couple of hour recordings and does your cam come with loop recording.

Closing words

Concluding our guide of the top spy camera models we would like to summarize. For the top spy camera pick, the ss 1080p button spy camera is our top pick. This one combines the necessary features needed with affordable price and performance.

A hidden camera may be the ideal alternative if you would like to keep your eye on your nearest and dearest and your house. Each of the apparatus mentioned have different attributes, each serving a different function. An spy camera is a great investment to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Give it a go.


(1) – Fisheye Lens –
(2) – 4K Resolution –

1. SS Waterproof Wireless Camera

Our Pick

A miniature yet super powerful Spy Camera, this is the smallest in the world at 0.87 inches and weighs 0.7 ounces.

It can be used as a nanny cam, on a drone or for home security. It can record videos unnoticeably using motion detection on, and has incredible battery life.