The 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras of 2022

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Last Updated on July 26, 2022

Regardless of what you use it for, having a spy camera can be a great way of monitoring your home and family. To avoid letting anyone know what you are up to, you can have a hidden camera sitting in any ordinary place or object. The demand for these things has skyrocketed as people want to use them for monitoring obnoxious customers or staff, making prank videos, keeping an eye on valuables and pets, and so much more.

After going through a lot of different hidden cameras, we are sharing with you a list of the best spy camera options. The camera topping that list is the SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera. This product stood out as an all-around capable spy camera with reliable performance and affordable price.

In this article, we will be sharing the following information:

  • Short introductory reviews of each spy camera on the list
  • Detailed reviews and specs of every best spy camera we chose
  • A comprehensive buying guide to make it easy for you to make your decision

Quick Summary: Best Spy Camera

Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

  • Best Overall: SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera
    “This mini spy camera comes with many options and is tiny enough to fit in any space. It has a wide field of view, motion detection, and an affordable price.”
  • Best for Every Situation: AHD 1080p WiFi FHD Mini Button Camera
    “This is a highly versatile hidden spy camera that can be adapted to any situation and environment for undetected operation.”
  • Best Intuitive Functionality: 1080p Video Spy Watch
    “This spy camera is designed to be easy to use and allows complete functional control using single-click commands. The build quality of this product is also quite good.”
  • Best Option for Outdoor Use: Smart Spy Sunglasses HD 1080p
    “This hidden camera option allows recording outside environments while also making you look cool. The video is HD in most cases and the FOV is also quite wide.”
  • Best Pen-Based Option: Mini DV Recorder 1080p HD Camera Spy Pen
    “Get HD resolution videos with this slim camera pen for complete discretion. The miniature design makes it impossible for anyone to notice the hidden camera in a pen.”
  • Best Option for 360 Degree Coverage: 360 Degree Wifi Bulb Hidden Camera
    “With the camera hidden in the tip of the bulb, you can capture 360-degree video of your environment with features that make it effective for home use.”
  • Hanging Style Option: Clothes Hook Mini Camera
    “This mini spy camera is a great way of making your camera setup look completely unnoticeable. It has a fixed installation, and you get wide-angle video as well.”
  • Best Hidden Design: HD WiFi Smoke Detector Spy Camera
    “This camera has a completely undetectable design, but it also offers many cool features like a monitoring app, full HD video quality, motion detection, WiFi support, and other features.”
  • Best Rated Option: 1080p Wifi Camera Mini Clock
    “A huge percentage of users for this specific spy camera has nothing but praise for it. The camera installed inside the clock is completely undetectable at a glance. The small size and inconspicuous design make it invisible while allowing you to capture full HD videos.”
  • Best Speaker Design Option: UOOYOO Hidden Spy WiFi Camera
    “Having a camera inside speakers is a great option for both home and office use. Capture HD video quality while also getting motion detection for more efficiency and power consumption.”

The Top 10 Best Spy Cameras

Best Overall

Video Resolution: 1080p
Area of Vieew: 150 degrees
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 mm
Motion Detection: Yes

This mini spy camera provided great video quality and imagery, especially with the IR light activated.

Motion detection helps conserve battery life significantly by only recording videos when motion is detected. The storage space is also used quite efficiently because of that. You can expect it to work flawlessly for an entire week without recharging it. Of course, the time will vary for each user depending on usage. The camera also has a 32GB card, which is plenty of space for most users.

The camera also comes with a water-resistant enclosure if you need to put it in harsh environments like rainy weather, accidental splashes, or even limited exposure to shallow water.

What We Liked: 

  • Highly accurate motion detection
  • Battery consumption is efficient and runs a long time
  • Water-resistant case included
  • IR also included for night vision

    What We Didn’t Like:

    • The camera itself is not waterproof
    • No IP rating was provided for the water-resistant case

      Best for Every Situation

      Video Resolution: HD 1080
      Field of View: 90 degrees
      Dimensions: Not Specified
      Motion Detection: Yes

      This incredibly small and flexible camera does a lot in a small package. Storage capacity is 64GB for this product, but the SD card needs to be bought separately.

      The camera can record non-stop for up to 3 hours and utilize the motion detection feature to extend usage. The camera does not have a night mode or any water resistance either. The imagery is also not good in low-light conditions.

      The camera has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor it remotely if needed. The smartphone app supports connections for up to 4 cameras simultaneously. The camera also has an audio-only mode if you want continuous monitoring without sacrificing memory too much. You can also use it while it is charging which means it can be left plugged in indefinitely.


      • Simultaneously connect as many as four cameras
      • Incredibly small size
      • Motion detection available
      • Simultaneously record and charge the camera


      • No water resistance
      • No night mode and bad low light results
      Best Intuitive Functionality

      Recording Resolution: 1080p
      Area View: Not defined
      Product Dimensions: 110 x 21 x 8 mm
      Motion Detection: No

      As far as watch cameras go, this is one of the best options available. You can get 1080p videos in 30fps with support for looped recording for saving storage.

      The camera also has a night mode feature for nighttime recording. The battery is rechargeable and provides 1.5 hours of recording before needing a recharge.

      The watch camera also has 8GB built-in storage with support for up to 64 GB of external memory. The app can also live stream using the Roadcam app. The watch comes with an LED light with three modes, low, high, and SOS.

      What We Liked: 

      • Watch is resistant to dust, water, frost, and shocks as well
      • IPX7 water-resistance rating
      • LED light with three modes
      • Built-in storage

        What We Didn’t Like:

        • Recording angles can be tricky
        • No motion detection feature

          Best Option for Outdoor Use

          Recording Resolution: 1080p
          Area View: 155 degrees
          Product Dimensions:  Not Specified
          Movement Detection: No

          The 2MP camera in these smart glasses provides 1080p video at 30fps with a wide FOV.

          It can also capture high-resolution images which can be stored in a memory card of up to 32GB capacity. The watch also has Wi-Fi connectivity to allow remote video monitoring. The 155-degree FOV also means that you capture maximum footage and do not miss any of the action.

          The 380mah battery allows 150 minutes of nonstop recording before needing a recharge. The glasses also come with lenses, a USB cable for charging, an instruction manual, and a storage bag.

          What We Liked: 

          • Cool design with minimal footprint
          • Large FOV for capturing maximum area
          • High-resolution image capture

            What We Didn’t Like:

            • No water resistance is available
            • Only supports nonstop recording with no option for motion-based recording

              Best Pen-Based Option

              Recording Resolution: 1080p
              Area View: Not specified
              Product Dimensions: Not specified
              Motion Detection: Yes

              This is one of the best options if you want a camera that is portable and comes with a good disguise.

              The operation is quite easy and recording starts with a single button click. The camera also comes with useful features like looped video recording and motion detection. The video is recorded at 1080p with 30fps with added support for still images.

              The camera supports up to 120GB of memory and you can control all the functions using the single button present on the pen. The pen camera can be recharged via a USB cable and connected to a computer for file transfer through the same cable. It also works as a conventional pen.

              What We Liked: 

              • Full HD video recording with motion detection
              • Small form factor and easy to carry
              • Can be used as a regular pen

                What We Didn’t Like:

                • Weight is noticeably more than conventional pens
                  Best Option for 360 Degree Coverage

                  Recording Resolution: 720p
                  Area View: 360 degrees
                  Product Dimensions: 315 x 315 x 543 mm
                  Movement Detection: Yes

                  This camera comes in the form of a bulb and provides video recording at 25fps. The camera also comes with an IR led for nighttime recording.

                  If you want to view live footage from this camera, you can use its WiFi connectivity with the V380 app to connect to the bulb camera. The camera also supports up to 64 GB of external storage. The 360-degree view is utilized best when you install the bulb into the ceiling.

                  The bulb also comes with voice recognition and a speaker that allows you to hold two-way conversations with anyone within range. The app also supports up to 5 different views to watch the recordings easily. The playback feature also allows you to take screenshots.

                  What We Liked: 

                  • 360-degree recording captures everything in the area
                  • Wi-Fi supported for remote monitoring
                  • Two-way communication with built-in speaker and mic
                  • Five different playback modes

                    What We Didn’t Like:

                    • No waterproofing or water resistance
                    • Installation and setup can be a bit tricky

                      Hanging Style Option

                      Recording Resolution : 1280 x 960
                      Area View: Not Defined
                      Product Dimensions:  Not Defined
                      Movement Detection: Yes

                      This is a unique option that you can find very useful in some situations.

                      The hook camera comes with night vision and motion detection helps save battery and storage as well. One charge can last for up to 3 hours of nonstop recording and the battery is also rechargeable.

                      LED indicators are also present for showing charging states which is quite convenient. The hook design also includes a slot for an SD cards which can take up to 32GB cards. The night vision feature works quite well, and the camera quality is also better than the 720p options.

                      What We Liked: 

                      • Low light videos are quite good
                      • Motion detection is sensitive
                      • Seamless design makes it completely undetectable

                        What We Didn’t Like:

                        • Battery capacity could be better

                          Best Hidden Design

                          Recording Resolution: 1080p
                          Area View: 125 degrees
                          Product Dimensions: 197 x 512 x 512 mm
                          Movement Detection: Yes

                          This is also one of the most inconspicuous options on the list and looks almost exactly like a normal smoke detector.

                          The device comes with PIR detection and provides alerts when it detects motion. The invisible IR allows nighttime recording and provides good quality video. The large 5500mah battery can provide continuous recording for up to 20 hours. It can also remain on standby for up to 180 days. Wi-Fi connectivity also provides a remote monitoring option.

                          What We Liked: 

                          • Motion detection recording with alerts
                          • Good night vision recording
                          • Video looping feature to save storage

                            What We Didn’t Like:

                            • FOV is not wide enough
                            • Charging takes a long time
                            • Mobile app is not good

                              Best Rated Option

                              Recording Resolution : 720p
                              Area View: 160 degrees
                              Product Dimensions: 1.26 x 3.75 x 1.65 in.
                              Movement Detection: Yes

                              One of the best-designed hidden cameras on the list, this clock camera is a working clock with a 720p camera inside which is almost impossible to see.

                              You can view the feed from the camera using Wi-Fi connectivity and can also save videos on up to 32 GB SD cards. The camera also has a looped recording to save storage.

                              The camera also has motion detection and a large 2200mah battery that can record for up to 5 hours with the clock running.

                              What We Liked: 

                              • Motion detection recording is available
                              • Remove monitoring via Wi-Fi
                              • Doubles as a beautiful digital clock

                                What We Didn’t Like:

                                • No SD card is included in the package
                                • Night vision setup is manual and difficult
                                  Best Speaker Design Option

                                  Video Resolution: 1080P
                                  Area of View: 240 degrees
                                  Dimensions:  3.3 x 3.3 x 4 in.
                                  Motion Detection: Yes

                                  This hidden camera comes in the form of a Bluetooth speaker, and it is almost impossible to see the camera hidden in it. 

                                  The setup is quite easy, and you can monitor the feed from anywhere using Wi-Fi connectivity. The video is recorded at 1080p resolution with 30fps and an extremely wide 240-degree FOV. The camera also has 4x digital zoom and a 3.5mm audio port. It also comes with a good motion detection feature.

                                    WHAT WE LIKED

                                    • Smart motion detection for accurate triggers
                                    • Works as a fully functional Bluetooth speaker as well
                                    • Supports up to 128GB SD cards

                                    WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE

                                    • Mobile app could be better


                                    Legend of Things to Consider When Buying a Spy Camera

                                    gadgets spy favicon 1

                                    Video Resolution

                                    You need to be able to see video recordings that provide clear views and the higher the resolution is, the better the result will be. We recommend getting a camera with at least 720p video recording.

                                    gadgets spy favicon 1

                                    Field of View

                                    The more area your spy camera can capture, the better it will be for you, depending on your needs. Minimum FOV is 90 degrees in these cameras and can go up to 360 degrees. We have shared options with generally high FOV values.

                                    gadgets spy favicon 1

                                    Motion Detection

                                    This is a feature that you need to consider based on your recording needs. If you want a constant recording, then you can skip it and if you want to save storage, then motion detection can help you a lot.

                                    gadgets spy favicon 1

                                    Battery Capacity

                                    Currently, all cameras come with built-in lithium batteries, but some use normal alkaline cells as well. Opting for a camera with a rechargeable battery is better to avoid unnecessary hassle.

                                    Are Spy Cameras Illegal?

                                    This is a question that comes to mind naturally when dealing with a product like this. In the United States, all 50 states allow the use of spy cameras but there are some restrictions to consider. It is illegal to record in any way that breaks another person’s privacy. The following states require consent from both parties before recording: Connecticut, California, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Montana. It is also illegal to record videos for malicious purposes like blackmail and other bad activities.

                                    Wrapping Up

                                    There are a ton of different spy cameras available in the market these days. You can find them hidden in all sorts of form factors like pens, switches, clocks, chargers, and other items. The options shared above are all great and our recommendation has to be the SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera.

                                    ss12 cam being held

                                    1. SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera

                                    Our Pick

                                    This mini spy camera comes with many options and is tiny enough to fit in any space. It has a wide field of view, motion detection, and an affordable price.

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