Last Updated on October 12, 2020

A spy watch is a very interesting gadget. It’s not just a watch, but it’s also a gadget that often has additional features such as video or audio recording, things that do come in handy if you know how to use them. Why buy a kid spy watch, why not give them a regular one ? Well, if you give kids anything more serious than a Spy 101 spy watch, there’s no knowing what they might do, and they may get in trouble.

That being said, kids are often fascinated by such devices, so a spy watch for kids is something that a lot of parents think about getting. There are numerous options, and they’ll give kids a spy watch toy that lets them do things that will actually be interesting to them, but can cause no harm whatsoever.

So, which one of those numerous options should you pick? With so many on the market out there, we wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t decide on which is the best spy watch for kids, so below we’ve chosen five of the best options. We’ll discuss all of them briefly, and we’ll talk why we think they’re a good pick for your kid. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s go.

Best overall

Touch Screen
Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Dual Cameras

The first option we’ve got is the Vtech KidiZoom smartwatch. It’s the DX2 model, and even though it’s a tad pricy, it comes packed with a variety of features and a very kid-friendly design. It also comes in two colors, so you can give your kid the option of choosing between blue and purple, and it works admirably.

To begin with, you get a design that resembles the Apple Watch in shape. On the bottom, where the watch touches the arm, it’s rubberized, and it comes with a rubber strap so you can rest assured it’s going to be pretty comfortable for your kid. There are plenty of holes in the strap so you can get it just right.

What’s interesting is that the watch comes with two cameras, something that kids will love, as they’ll be able to take photos and videos. Those can be later on customized and turned into watch faces. Speaking of which, the watch does come with around 55 digital and analog faces, and all of them are customizable. Your kid can get things just right for them, just the way they like it.

They’ll also get a Monster Catcher game, which will give them an augmented reality game. If they haven’t dabbled in AR before, they’re going to love it. Add to this the motion sensor and pedometer, and they’ll actually be motivated to get up from the couch and take a walk.

The watch charges with a micro USB cable, and that same cable is used to transfer your media to your computer. It’s also what’s going to allow you to download new watch faces from the Vtech Learning Lodge, which is a nice addition. As you can see, even though this spy watch for kids is a touch pricy, it’s worth every penny.

Best Camera

Touch Screen
300mA Battery
Splash Proof

If you’d rather save a bit, or you just don’t want to trust your kids with something as pricey as the DX2, the MIMLI Smart Watch for Kids is quite possibly the best alternative. You do lose out on some of the features of the DX2, but it’s still a great pick and your kids will have a lot of fun with it.

To begin with, it comes in a couple of colors, so you can be sure your kids like it. It’s completely made of plastic, with a rubber strap, so it’s going to be comfortable even if they were to wear it for extended periods of time. There’s plenty of adjustability, and it’s pretty lightweight, too.

As far as functionality goes, there are 10 games for your kid to enjoy, as well as a camera for them to take pictures with. The touch screen is 1.5” in diameter, and it’s pretty bright and sharp. The additional functions include a calendar, a calculator, an alarm, an audio player, etc. It actually does a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect a kids’ watch to do. The pedometer will help your kids form healthy habits, which is very welcome in a world where kids prefer playing video games instead of going out.

All things considered, it’s an excellent option if you want to get a spy watch for kids, but don’t want to spend too much money.

Best Features

Touch Screen
600mA Battery
0.3 MP Camera

Moving on to an even cheaper option, we’ve got the PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch. It comes at a fraction of the price of our top pick, yet does cover quite a bit when it comes to functionality. The design is also pretty great, and it comes in two colors.

On the outside, you have a rubberized body and a two-tone rubber strap that does look pretty neat. What’s also a pretty great design feature is the rotatable camera. Even though it’s at the top and pointing forward, you can rotate it so it points towards you, if you want to take selfies. Before you do this, though, you’ll want to insert an SD card so you can save the pictures.

The watch does come with a couple of games that kids can play using the touchscreen, so it’s going to be a pretty fun addition. You also get a motion sensor that works with the active play challenges, which is a great addition. There is also a pedometer and calories counter, so if you want your kids to get some activities in, they can do that easily. There’s also a media player and it supports headphones, which is another neat feature.  

At the end of the day, many parents don’t think that it’s worth it to get an expensive spy watch for kids. They might damage it or lose it pretty easily, so the PROGRACE is a great pick because it doesn’t cost a lot and it still gives you a lot of great functionality.

Best Versatile

Touch screen
Music Player
Lots of smart features

Not only is this spy watch good for protection, but it is also very fun for children.

Among the functions that are included are the calculator, calendar, camera, wallpaper, clock in different languages, and music player among others. This device also includes an emergency button. Here the s.o.s key is efficient so that children can request help from their parents, in only three seconds, this intelligent clock makes an emergency call.

It is very easy to use the device and it can be used for children from 3 to 12 years old. You don’t need a smartphone to start using this device. In a few steps, children can start having fun with each of the seven games that are included.

You will need to purchase a SIM card to be able to make calls. Parents can limit the hours of play that children will have with this smart watch. It is one of the best gifts to offer children today.

Also Good

Digital Display
Motion Alarm

Last but certainly not least, we have the most affordable model on our list. We’re talking about the SpyX spy watch for kids. It comes with eight functions, and it’s built pretty well. Add to this the creative design which does resemble something a spy would use, and your kids are going to love it.

To begin with, in addition to the conventional watch functionality, you have an alarm, a decoder, a stopwatch, an LED light, secret message paper and message capsules, as well as a motion alarm. The secret message paper allows you to write coded messages and hide them in the capsules, so you can decode them with the included decoder. It’s going to be a lot of fun for a kid.

On the outside, you have a black strap that’s rubberized, and a plastic body that’s pretty comfortable for kids. They’ll enjoy wearing it even for extended periods of time, and even if they damage it or lose it, it doesn’t cost a lot to replace it. It’s the best spy watch for kids if you’re on a budget.

Wrapping things up

When you take everything into consideration, from all the models above, you can easily choose a spy watch for kids that will fit your budget, and your kids will love. There are budget models, there are premium models, and all offer fun and experiences a conventional watch won’t give them. Some of the pricier ones will also motivate them to get out and move a bit, which is a great habit to be teaching your kids from a young age. You should definitely get them one of the models above.

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