Last Updated on January 14, 2020

Even though there’s certainly no shortage of good spy cameras out there, you will find that there are some features that are often lacking from most of the popular models. One such feature is Wi-Fi, and quite honestly, it’s a very underestimated feature that we believe is essential to good spy cameras. After going through countless product reviews, we concluded a list of the best USB spy cameras.

With that in mind, many people don’t really understand how important it is, and don’t really think it’s that critical. But having a USB spy camera wifi is a great idea. Therefore, let’s discuss why it’s important. Oh, and in addition, we’ll look at a couple of cameras that we believe are great examples of a USB spy camera wifi model.

Best Overall

Resolution: 1080p HD
Motion Detection
Up to 128 GB

The TOQI is our top pick, for a few reasons, but most of all because it’s overall an excellent combination of features and doesn’t cut any corners in critical areas. Whereas others would sacrifice resolution, or have a lower storage limit, the TOQI does everything, and does it really well.

First things first, the video recording feature is absolutely great. It records video at 1080p, with a viewing angle that’s decent. It also has the ability to save videos in an H.264 format, which reduces file size quite a lot. As a comparison, you can store 15 days of compressed footage in the maximum memory card size the TOQI accepts – 128GB, but you can only store around 15 hours of compressed video. There is loop recording, though, so if your storage gets full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so you should be good to go. (1)

The Wi-Fi functionality works great. The app is actually pretty easy and intuitive to use, and you won’t have problems with finding your way around it. It allows you to download any files stored on the memory card on your smartphone or tablet, which is also nice. This way, you don’t have to remove the memory card to transfer footage. Oh, and yes, you can capture photo and video remotely, another underestimated feature.

Another thing we loved about the TOQI is the fact that it has a motion detector. Whenever it notices that someone is moving in front of it, it will instantly start recording to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that happened. Combine this with all the other features, and it’s easy to see why the TOQI is our top pick.

Last but not least, we should mention that unlike some cameras that only give you a single USB port to use while the camera is recording, TOQI include two, one of which works at 1A, whereas the other is slower, at 0.5A. In any case, both are good options if you want to actually charge a device while it’s recording.

The only downside to the TOQI is the fact that it doesn’t record audio. However, considering that isn’t really legal in a lot of countries and states, we actually think it’s a good idea that they decided to make this a camera that abides by the laws, regardless of where you live.

Best Singe Port

Resolution: 1080p HD
Storage: Up to 128GB
Motion Detection

If you don’t really need two USB ports on your spy camera, a single port option might be a tad more compact. The DZFtech we have here is a great solution, without making any compromises, and coming in with an excellent array of features and extras in the box. It’s one of the best overall packages, so let’s take a closer look at it.

First things first, the video recording on the DZFtech is excellent. It captures 1080p video, which is pretty clear and full of details, without a significant quality loss when things get suboptimal in terms of light. The field of view isn’t extremely wide, but it’s very respectable and it does capture a pretty good part of the scene. If you are looking for more 1080p usb spy cameras, click on the link to see our top 3 suggestions.

You do get motion detection that works really well. A feature we loved is the notifications you would get if motion was detected in front of the lens, something we think more cameras should have. It also comes with loop recording, so if your storage does fill up, the oldest footage will automatically get overwritten in favor of the newest one, in 10 minute blocks.

The DZFtech is surprisingly easy to use. All you’ve got to do is just plug it in an outlet, and it starts recording. If you want to control any of the settings, however, you’ll need the app. The app does allow you to capture photos and videos, and it supports remote view, which is a pretty nice feature. Check our article on how to use a USB Spy Camera, to get all the information you need!

Last but not least, we absolutely loved the extras you get in the box. Even though there wasn’t a memory card included, you do get a USB card reader, as well as a cable that lets you charge micro USB, USB Type-C and Lightning devices from the USB port. It’s a nice addition, and one we haven’t seen many manufacturers offer.

If you don’t mind the fact that you only have a single port, the DZFtech is an excellent compact USB spy camera wifi models on the market.

Best Design

Resolution: 1080p HD
Storage: Up to 128GB
Motion Detection

Depending on your preferences, sometimes a white wall charger looks a bit more inconspicuous, and is a lot less likely to draw attention. If that’s the case, the Aynone Spy Camera might be the best USB spy camera wifi model for you. It’s a great combination of features, and the all-white design does look nice.

To begin with, you have 1080p video with a pretty nice viewing angle, so you don’t have to worry about the entire scene being captured. It does accept a micro SD card, up to 128GB, which should store quite a lot of video. In the box you will also get a card reader, as well as a small pick tool to remove the front plate and install the memory card.

Setting it up is pretty easy – just insert the memory card and plug it in a wall outlet. The Wi-Fi functionality works great, with remote viewing and the ability to download the footage on a smartphone or tablet when necessary, so no complaints there.

Overall, if you’re looking for a white wall charger with two USB ports that is also a spy camera, by all means go for it.

Why Is WiFi important?

This is the first question we believe should be answered. Why should you get one with Wi-Fi? What are some other things that you’ll get if you opt for such a camera? Well, the first thing you should know is that such a camera will connect to your home network. It might require that you have a 2.4GHz network, because not all work on 5GHz, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Such cameras also often come with a smartphone app. Whether they use one that’s already on the market, or they have their own, it doesn’t make a difference. Most should be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so whichever one you have, you should be good to go.

That app will allow you to completely control and view your camera. To begin with, you should have access to your camera’s view, both a live view, and what it has recorded in the past and has in storage. This should also allow you to download any files from the camera straight on your smartphone, without needing to remove the SD card or bother with cables.

The most important thing, however, is that you get this control from just about anywhere. Since your camera is connected to your home network, it’s connected to the internet, and you can access it from your backyard, your office, or even from halfway across the world, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. This is why a USB spy camera wifi is a great thing, because you don’t have to be there to access it.

It should also be mentioned that most of these cameras will use the Wi-Fi functionality and the app to change any settings within the camera, such as change between photo and video, change the resolution and framerate, etc. Some might also let you capture a photo remotely from your phone in a matter of seconds, even though you aren’t there.

Oh, and one more thing. If your camera also happens to have motion detection, you will instantly get an alert on your phone when someone is moving in front of it. It’s very practical, and if you want to know when something is happening, this is a great way of that happening. Here’s a how to guide on USB flash drive spy cameras.


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