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Last Updated on March 5, 2021

A lot of people want to enjoy Blade drones to get a variety of images and videos. If you are one of these people then you are in the right place. Below you’ll be able to learn each of the best features. Here you can learn about:

  • General Functionality
  • Unit design
  • Operation Modes
  • Characteristics of the camera
  • Additional interesting features

We recommend you continue reading if you want to get a great device. The ease of control of this unit allows a wide variety of users to take advantage of each of the built-in features. One of the most reliable drones of these times.

Blade 720 Drone

Velocity: 12m per second
Fly modes: Altitude Hold
Speed modes: High – Low speed
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Configuration: QRcode

Easy to control: Yes

Among the best options on the market in drones, the Blade 720 is one of the most formidable units that Blade can offer. This unit is as efficient for beginners as it is for advanced users. Any of them will have the possibility of using a joystick or a smartphone to be able to control this drone.

You can even get a lot of high-quality photos and videos. This unit can provide different operation modes, excellent speed, and two different speeds. As if that were not enough, the compact and folding design makes it a very easy drone to transport anywhere. That’s why the Blade 720 is prepared for absolutely any situation.

Our Opinion of Blade Drone 720

General Functionality

It is necessary to consider that this drone is one of the most convenient options when it comes to starting any flight. This manufacturer has managed to develop a wide variety of drones in recent times. That is why one of the units that should be considered without a doubt is the Blade 720 drone. The Blade 720 offers the possibility of connecting this unit with a smart device.

This provides a great variety of functions that users can control from the beginning. Blade 720 allows you to have a lot of videos and photos in a few steps with this smart device. This drone allows you to capture the entire background image by choosing and setting the panorama mode.

When it comes to an important event, the Blade 720 is a very complete drone when starting an operation as well as getting the best images. Even this drone can provide a poor landing reducing the risk of falling. It is a perfect drone when it comes to a beginner user.

The configuration of the Blade 720 is very simple and requires a few seconds at first. Using the Blade 720’s built-in camera is also very easy once this drone is flying. All you need to fly is a smart phone or device. It will be very easy to surprise anyone with the many pictures and videos that this drone can offer.


When noticing the design of this drone we can mention that here folding propellers are incorporated. The Blade 720 has the capacity to be highly transportable and compact. This is an excellent feature when it comes to a drone of today. Any user will be able to transport the Blade 720 to the desired place to start flying.

It also incorporates a minimalist but very practical design. This means that the construction of this drone is very intelligent thanks to its lightweight features. That’s why the Blade 720 can be held together while providing extraordinary operational capability.

The beginner or advanced user has the possibility to control the Blade 720 in a great number of possibilities. This drone only needs to be assembled to be used in any kind of place. Only a few seconds are needed to synchronize this drone with your smartphone.

Once this drone starts operation its extraordinary image capture capabilities can be enjoyed. This is a drone that includes four propellers for a more efficient operation. This is one of the reasons why the Blade 720 has become so popular these days. These features are not the only advantages a user can get.

Flight Capabilities

Among all the formidable features of this drone, it is necessary to mention that the Blade 720 offers a great operation capacity. Besides the battery life and the great camera, the flight modes are usually very formidable as well. The flight time has been improved compared to previous drones.

The Blade 720 is a drone that is highly regarded in these times for having one of the operational capacities. Even these operation capabilities often exceed other flying drones. Its superior range transmission of 2 kilometers is excellent for the user to use this drone over a very large area. It will be much easier to obtain excellent photos.

It is also necessary to mention that the speed is 12 meters a second. Once you obtain the desired location you can start using the camera to obtain great pictures. Remember that it is possible to use a QR code to facilitate the operation of the Blade 720. (1)

The altitude retention mode makes it easy to use this drone in the most appropriate place. This means that the location and the height in which the drone is located are locked. Once the user uses this function he or she has the possibility to take pictures in an incredible way. This is why it is one of the most efficient flying drones.

Excellent Quality Camera

The operation time of this unit is not the only positive feature that a user can take advantage of. The integrated camera allows for the greatest images in photos and videos. A lot of professional photographers decide to invest in the Blade 720 to obtain the highest results. That is why it is an excellent drone for social networks.

The Blade 720 is the demonstration of the great evolution that each of the Blade drones has provided. Besides the HD camera, it is necessary to mention that it is also a drone that can be connected through a wi-fi network.

The Blade 720 can offer video recording with very sharp and clear images. It is also a drone that is compatible with 3D and virtual reality. (2)

The user has the possibility to incorporate a virtual reality kit and a joystick. In combination with this, anti-collection technology is based on a set of sensors integrated into this drone. This allows the user to have a greater ability to fly, avoiding some obstacles, crashes on the ground, and blows in general.

This is a highly capable drone to satisfy either beginners or professional users. The Blade 720 has become very popular and convenient in recent times. Not recommending the Blade 720 as a great drone would be a serious mistake.

Blade 720 Drone Review – Interesting Features

  • Supported controls: A smartphone with iOS or Android operating system is supported. Only downloading the application is required. Once the application is downloaded only a brief configuration of a WiFi connection is required.
  • 3D VR support: Every user also has the possibility to incorporate virtual reality glasses for better-operating results. 
  • Ideal for use with a joystick: The user has the freedom to choose a joystick or a smartphone to control Blade drone 720 (3)
  • High-resolution camera: The built-in HD camera allows the user to obtain professional quality images and videos.
  • 2 speeds and different operation modes: High speed and low speed allow the user to adapt to the environment and lens. This makes it much easier to fly with this device. The different flight modes optimize the user’s ability to use this drone.


Final Words

Each of the features included in this drone are truly superb and meets the needs of a large number of users. Any user here will have the possibility to get a lot of images in photos and videos.

An easy and simple use can be obtained from the first day without too much effort from each user. It can be a great investment that offers excellent results from the first day.


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