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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

Walkie Talkies are a reliable instant form of communication devices. As they are formally called, the two-way radios see their large-scale uses in many industries. With our extensive research on the subject, we present you with an in-depth review of the Cobra Microtalk CXT 195. In this article, we will walk you through:


  • The features with the pros and cons of the Cobra CXT 195
  • The extensive 16-mile walkie talkie review
  • An abridged walkie talkie buying guide
  • FAQs

Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.95 x 2.75 Inches
Product Weight: 0.01 Ounces
Batteries: 6 AAA Batteries (included) 
Frequency: UHF/FM
Channels: 22 channels
Display: LCD
Warranty:1 Year

The Cobra CXT 195 is an excellent 2-way radio that ticks all the right boxes for us. Cobra walkie talkies are known for their convenience – lightweight and compact, they are easy to use, carry around, and fit right in a pocket!

Our Opinion of Cobra Microtalk CXT 195

With a pair of Microtalk CXT 195, you can keep in touch with your companions in real-time. Be it in a crowded shopping mall, between two cars on a road trip, or at an event, the Cobra 195 walkie talkie creates a secure communication channel between you and your peers.

The Cobra walkie talkie is are loaded with some excellent features for its price such as:

Excellent range

The Cobra CXT195 16 mile is rated to be usable up to a 16 mile range. Realistically though, with so many interfering signals and obstacles, the mile range will be less than that. Despite that, you can count on the Cobra when you need to instantly contact your friend during a road trip, at an event, or especially in emergencies.


The channels on the radios should be quickly switchable. A good radio always has multiple channels that can be switched to in an instant. Also, instant access to emergency channels is a must-have when considering radios, especially for best handheld ham radio. For example, BaoFeng offers 16 channels for its 888S radio. 

Different Tones

The Cobra comes with various different alert tones that help you understand the different functions your device is performing without looking at it. There is a unique tone to alert you for incoming calls. There is a different tone for confirming the user’s transmission is complete, and the other person can talk now. There are also separate tones for signaling key activation when there are keystrokes.

Multiple Channels and Emergency Broadcast Coverage

The Cobra has 22 different channels. You can assign different channels to communicate with everyone. 7 of the channels can be used as both GMRS, and FRS. 7 of them are only FRS. And the rest of the 22 channels are only GMRS. The channels can be switched using the pushbuttons present on the front panel of the walkie talkie.

The walkie talkies are also equipped with a weather radio receiver, which covers all the government’s weather channels. The feature helps you to prepare for any natural disaster beforehand and protect your family.


Cobra offers you a 1-year warranty on their Microtalk CXT 195 models. The warranty only goes to show the confidence Cobra has in its product. A cheap and reliable product backed by a yearlong manufacturer’s warranty plays a critical factor in deciding our buying recommendation.


  • Considering the price of the device, it provides good communication over a moderate range.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 22 channels support with a push button to easily switch between them.
  • Uses UHF/FM to function correctly even in crowded places.
  • Good-quality LCD screen and unique alert tone for incoming calls.


  • The battery life could be better .
  • The signal may not very clear when there are solid obstacles in the path. 

How to Choose the Right Walkie Talkie?

Buying walkie talkies requires a lot of considerations. Buying the wrong model can seriously cripple you when facing an emergency situation. To help you understand what to look for when buying two-way radios, here are some tips:


The range is a crucial factor when comparing models of walkie talkies. If you are going to buy one just to stay in touch with your friends in an event or during a road trip, make sure it at least has a 2-mile range. For commercial purposes, the minimum range should at least be 20-50 miles.


Walkie Talkies come in both ultra-high frequency and very high-frequency models. If you need the device for short-range use, go for a UHF model, but you should get the VHF model if you need long-range communication.


If you’re buying the walkie talkie for commercial use, you need to get an FCC license to use them for a long-range operation. You can use a license-free walkie talkie that does not require any official permission for recreational purposes. (1)

Battery Life

Battery life and quality can be determining factors when deciding between two walkie talkies. Both options for rechargeable batteries and standard battery are available. The battery life on these last for anywhere between 2 hours to 24 hours. Generally, the recreational walkie talkies come equipped with a standard battery setup. There can be another classification base on whether the battery uses AAA or UAC type batteries. UAC is generally better in capacity but makes the device bulky. (2)

Cobra CXT195 16-Mile microTALK 2-Way Walkie Talkies 2 Pack, Black



Is the battery in Cobra CXT 195 rechargeable?

Yes, the Cobra Microtalk CXT 195 comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and power cord. (3)


Can it connect to a different piece outside of this set of two?

The frequency used in the radios is standard, so you can connect as many as you can afford as long as the frequency matches, and you don’t exceed the number of channels.


Does the cobra walkie talkie have the NOAA weather radio?

Yes, it comes with 10 different weather channels, including NOAA. And you can access them by pushing the power button twice and then scrolling through the channels.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cobra Microtalk CXT 195 is an excellent 2-way ham radio for recreational uses. It can cover reasonable distances and have multi-channel support to ensure adequate coverage.

One thing to remember, in busy city areas you will get less range. Also, the walkie talkie is not suited for commercial use.

That being said, it is a neat device from Cobra that gets its job done and is affordable. We can easily recommend the Cobra CXT 195 if you need a reliable walkie talkie for lightweight tasks!


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