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Last Updated on March 23, 2021

DBPower is one of those brands that make pretty good endoscopes but don’t require that you pay exorbitant amounts of money just to be able to use them. That’s why they’re a favorite in many situations, as you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

They do, however, have a couple of models available, and choosing the best for your use could be difficult. To help you with that we’ll be taking a look at three of them, and we’ll see how good each of them is. We’ll kick things off with the cheapest model, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the difference in price from the cheapest one to the most expensive one on the list is merely a couple of dollars.

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Best for Price

Wireless enabled
6 Adjustable LEDs
Build in Flashlight
IP67 Waterproof

Next, we’ll discuss a model with a slightly longer cord. We did mention that this could be a potential problem, but DBPower have found the perfect rigidity for a cord, which means that this is actually perfectly usable, and you won’t have any issues with it.

The cord’s length is 33 feet, which means that you can use it in a variety of situations that demand you to push a camera far away from the entrance of the item you’re inspecting.

The camera itself is pretty good. It’s a 2MP unit that records video with a pretty decent quality. It’s nothing to write home about, but it will definitely do in a variety of situations. You can also capture images if you need to, which is a nice addition. The rest of the 8.5mm module is filled up with the 6 LEDs that surround the camera lens. They’ll make sure you aren’t left in a pitch black engine cylinder with no way of seeing what’s inside. (1)

Last but not least, the Wi-Fi functionality works pretty good with just about any device, and you’ll be able to use your smart device’s screen as a display for the camera. It’s overall a great pic, and the fact that you also get an extension stick to better control it when you need it to remain horizontal is a great addition.

Best Functions

Resolution: 1280 x 720p HD
6 Adjustable LEDs
IP67 Waterproof

We’re wrapping things up with our last pick for today, which is another great wireless model with a 33 foot cord. It’s again DBPower’s excellent semi-rigid cord that’s easily maneuverable, and you’ll be able to use it in a variety of situations, which is excellent.

You also get an excellent camera, which is a 2 megapixel module capable of recording HD video with excellent quality. As you would expect, you’ll get 6 LEDs surrounding the camera lens, and they let you adjust the brightness with a few options, so you have just the right brightness for your specific use case.

This is a Wi-Fi endoscope, which means that you won’t need any cables in order to view the footage from it, making it an incredibly practical solution for just about anyone. It works with iOS devices, as well as Android, and if you want to use a cable you can also connect it to a Windows device, as Wi-Fi tends to be unstable in that case.

The DBPower Endoscope App

Even though they have quite a lot of models, DBPower doesn’t really have their own endoscope app. Instead, you should rely on apps made by third-party developers in order to be able to use your endoscope. Fortunately, you don’t really need a DBPower endoscope app. Instead, you can use something like CameraFi, which is one of the best endoscope apps on the market today. It’s the one that’s compatible with the highest amount of endoscopes, and all the functionality is great.

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Wrapping Things Up

When you take everything into consideration, DBPower is a pretty important name in the world of endoscopes. From their budget models that work admirably in a myriad of situations to their more expensive ones that you’ll need to spend a bit extra on, there isn’t a single endoscope that we wouldn’t recommend.

And even though there’s no official DBPower endoscope app, their endoscopes are made so that they’re compatible with some of the highest-rated apps for both Android and iOS. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll get all the functionality they have to offer, and you won’t be left looking for an app to use that one feature that you really need.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a good budget endoscope, look no further. Just choose the one from the list above that works best for your needs, and get it!

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(1) = Megapixels – https://techterms.com/definition/megapixel

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