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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

Transmitting and receiving radio signals from your locality or from all over the world can be an excellent hobby. A great way of getting into the scene is through a handheld ham radio or CB radios. As a handheld ham radio require many licenses to operate, most people go for a CB radio. Although the basic CB radios operate on 4 watts of power, the SSB CB radios work on 12 watts of power output, increasing the range of the transmission. 

In this radio review, we’ll check out one of the best CB radios – the Galaxy DX 959.

This Galaxy DX 959 review includes:

  • The features of the CB radio, Galaxy DX 959
  • The detailed galaxy DX 959 review 
  • A complete buying guide for SSB CB radios 
  • FAQs

Product Dimension: 9.25 X 7.9 X 2.35 Inches 
Product Weight: 4.4 Pounds
Operating Modes: AM/SSB and PA
Signal Strength: Up to 60 dB
Number of Channels: 40
Frequency Counter Precision: Up to Five digits
Warranty: 2 years

The company Galaxy offers many feature-rich CB radios with SSB functionalities throughout its product stack. Being one of the Galaxy radios, the DX 959 is a great radio with many useful features.

Our Opinion of Galaxy DX 959

The model is praised in many radio reviews for its advanced technical prowess and exceptional SWR meter. There are many things to like about the 959; it comes with a great display, noise filters, noise blanker, mic gain control, and many more. Having SSB capabilities can be used for DXing and keeping contact with your nearby operators on a long-drive or from your home. 

The Galaxy 959 comes loaded with a plethora of benefits and features for its price. Any person who reviews CB, when reviews galaxy DX 959, quickly recommends it for daily usage.

Whether you are a DXing expert or use radio transmissions as a hobby, you will like what the radio offers:

The Displays and the Counter

The Galaxy 959 comes with two display screens with a backlight. The backlight makes it easier to view in any lighting condition. One of the displays is for the Channel number as it comes with 40 different channels. The second larger display indicates the frequency counter with a 5 digit frequency counter for more precision. 

Large Meter at the Front for Signal Strength

You can clearly understand the signal strength by looking at the large easy to read Meter present in the front panel. The Meter has 4 different scales to ensure maximum precision. It can measure up to 60 dB of signal strength. The power scales are specially calibrated for AM/SSB. 

Built-in SWR Meter

The 40 channel radio boasts an inbuilt SWR meter, which helps you effortlessly tune your CB antenna even when you’re traveling with your Galaxy 959. As many radio aficionados know, tuning your CB antenna to the right frequencies can be a difficult task, especially on the move. The SWR feature of the Galaxy 959 makes your task easy. It also comes with a high SWR alert with automatic SWR. (1)

SSB Capabilities 

A regular CB radio is allowed to operate at a maximum power output of 4 Watts. But the Galaxy 959 has SSB capabilities, which allows it to be operated at a high power output of 12 Watts. More output power directly translates to more range with the same antenna. (2)

Control Features 

The Galaxy DX 959 comes with many features that allow you to control various aspects of it. The lamps for the Meter and the display can be dimmed with the dimmer controls. There is a tone switch for receive that has 3 positions. It also comes with variable power output, mic gain control, a variable talkback circuit with a switch to enable or disable it, and a roger beep function. The Roger beep function can also be toggled. 


As we have seen in this Galaxy DX 959 review, the company makes some quality CB radio with excellent features. With such a reputation, no wonder the company is offering a 2-year warranty for one of their best CB radios.  


  • It has a variable talkback feature that you can switch on or off with a switch.
  • Comes with an easy-to-read meter with a five-digit frequency counter.
  • Built-in SWR meter with an alerting system.
  • It has a dual monitor setup.
  • The display can be dimmed with the dimmer control, and the lamp can also be switched off.
  • Excellent noise control with Galaxy noise filter.


  • The Rx can be a little unclear during the heat of the day.
  • It can only be used for AM CB talking and cannot be turned up. 
  • The noise filtration is not as efficient as some other models. 

What Features to Consider When Buying a CB Radio?

If you’re not an expert in the DXing hobby, buying a new CB radio can be a daunting task. With so many features advertised on the CB accessories pages, it can be challenging to make an informed decision. Here are some tips for you to remember:


The display is an important feature to look out for when buying a radio. If you cannot clearly see the display during your use, it can lead to many problems. Always go for radios with backlit displays.  


Size is another crucial factor when deciding which radio to buy. If you’re going to travel with your radio, you should go for a compact size that can deliver you adequate power and is the best fit for your vehicle. 

Noise Filter

Noise limiter is one of the most essential features to have on your radio. If your radio comes with an automatic noise limiter, it will filter out all those unnecessary noises from the CB antenna as well as noises from the car engine and other interferences. 

Instant Access to Channel 9 and 19

Channel 9 and 19 are emergency channels and information channels, respectively. Whether your radio can instantly switch to both those channels can be a critical deciding factor if anything goes wrong on the road. 

Channel Scan

Just like a radio scan, a channel scan helps you find all the available channels in your area. It can be an excellent feature to have when quickly trying to find the nearest active channel. 

Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio with Frequency Counter



Which Galaxy CB radio is best?

Galaxy makes some of the best CB radio on the market. Depending on your needs, any of their models can be the best for you. But overall, Galaxy DX 959 is an all-rounder.  


What is the RF power knob on a CB radio?

The RF power knob adjusts the rf gain of the radio. The rf gain is essentially used as a noise filter without decreasing the SSB output. 


What is DX CB?

DX is the shorthand for distancing, meaning communicating with someone who’s far away (different part of country or continent) through a radio. Many people who are getting started with DXing find the CB radio their best match as it is easy to use and do not require special licenses. 


Does the Galaxy DX 959 come with a mounting bracket?

Yes, the CB radio comes with a mounting bracket and everything else you’ll need to set it up and use. 

Final Thoughts

As we saw in this radio review, The Galaxy DX 959 CB radio is an excellent radio to have if you’re interested in radio transmission. 

It comes with high output and tons of useful features, including SWR, for fine-tuning the antenna.

But if you are a professional, you should get a handheld ham radio. A best handheld ham radio goes through a lot of licensing, and the frequency is also regulated. 

That being said, for casual use, the radio from the galaxy will get the job done and leave the operators with a smile on their face. 


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(2) Watts –

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