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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why you would suspect someone is tracking your vehicle. From family members showing up unannounced when you thought that you’re out with friends only, to you thinking that your spouse doesn’t trust you, to controlling bosses who track your personal vehicle. And you have a lot of reasons not to like that, but unless you confront them, there’s no way of figuring out whether or not your car is being tracked. Right?

Wrong. There’s this little thing known as a GPS tracker detector, which can easily see if there’s a GPS tracking device on your car. And to make things even better, they’re sometimes pretty budget friendly and anyone can afford them.

But there are so many of them on the market today, and it might be difficult to choose one that works best. Well, if you find yourself in this scenario, we’ve got you covered. Not only will we discuss what a GPS tracker detector should do, but we’ll also give you five excellent options for you to choose from.

Best overall

Receive frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz
Range: 35-40 feet
1 Lithium-ion battery (not included)

If you’re looking for the best GPS tracker detector overall, stop – you found it. The sherry is an excellent choice that’s not just built really well and jam packed with functionality, but also comes at a pretty reasonable price.

You get a very functional magnetic field signal detector that lets you easily find a GPS tracker somewhere on your car, and it works really well. The display and audible cues will let you know you’re getting close, and you can adjust sensitivity with the dial on top.

Aside from this, you also have the ability to detect things such as hidden cameras, eavesdropping microphones, SIM card bugs, and a host of other spy devices that you don’t want anywhere near you. If you’re looking for the overall top pick, the sherry is just right for you.

Most Versatile

Frequency:  from 1.2G to 5.8G 
35-40 feet

Our second pick is Innoo Tech’s GPS tracker detector. The reasoning is simple – for a pretty good price, you get a GPS tracker detector, and the ability to detect a host of other bugs and devices. It’s built really well, and it works admirably.

The GPS tracker itself works very well. It’s simple to use, and you do get a very high sensitivity. Even if you’re further away from the device, you could increase the sensitivity with the dial on the top, and it will find it. To add to this, you have a display, as well as audible cues.

Add to this camera detection, GSM signal detection, and an overall incredibly easy and simple usage, and you’ve got yourself an excellent GPS tracker detector that you’ll get to use for a long time.

Best Budget Option

Operating time: 10 hours continuous
Wireless camera detection: 1.2g to 5.8g
Detection range: 
1 MHz to 8 GHz

If you wish to maintain your privacy, this option may be one of the most suitable for you. It is a device that will allow you to detect spy cameras anywhere. To do this, a high level of sensitivity is incorporated which detects the signals from a spy camera. The four functions of this device are very easy and convenient to use.

You could find wireless cameras as well as magnetic fields by GPS trackers. You will be able to know if there is a spy device in your home that is watching you. It is a device that is very compact and portable to use anywhere. You will be able to detect all the hidden devices.

This device gives you a continuous use time between 8 and 10 hours. That is more than enough time to detect and maintain your peace of mind. Even artificial intelligence mode can be very efficient in various situations.

You can also choose to detect RF signals, detect infrared, or detect magnetic fields. The level of versatility is more than wide.

Best Compact Option

Frequency range:1MHz-8000MHz
Battery: 1500mAH lithium-polymer battery.

While other devices are pretty good, there’s no denying that most of them are somewhat large. If you’re in need of a more compact variant, the Dooreemee, in spite of the funny name, is a great choice. It comes with all the functionality you need, and then some, and it fits in your pocket.

The detector works with both conventional GPS trackers, and ones that use CDMA 4G for tracking, so it’s pretty versatile and you’ve got a big chance of finding a tracker if there is one in your car. To add to this, it has a visual indicator, as well as an audible one, and you get a sensitivity dial at the top. Right next to that dial is a removable antenna, so this can get even smaller. (1)

When you’re limited in terms of size, or just want something you can comfortably carry in your pocket, the Dooreemee should be your go-to.

Best Premium Model

Frequency: between 10MHZ – 10GHZ
Battery: 1 9V battery (included)

When you first look at the price, you’ll think it’s a mistake. Yes, it’s that expensive, and yes, it’s worth it. The Pro-10G is the best possible GPS tracker detector out there, and in addition, it does so much more, too.

First of all, the GPS finding abilities are unparalleled. There’s no device that you won’t be able to find, and that also applies to all other bugs and hidden surveillance devices as well. To add to this, the Pro-10G also works as a white noise generator that will render any and all listening devices useless.

Sure, it’s pricey, but if you want the best of the best, and you want a single GPS tracker detector to use for any hidden bugs, this is the one to go for.

Our Buyers’ Guide

When you’re looking at getting a GPS tracker detector, the first thing you should see is how easy to use it is. This can be a deciding factor, because a detector that’s too complicated is one you won’t want to use. Yes, most of them have a lot of buttons, displays and switches, but you’ll want yours to have clear indicators, both silent and audible, as well as a visual indicator. This allows you to check the car for GPS trackers quietly as well if you need to, because you can’t always have a beeping device in your hand and stay covert.

Next up, you should take a look at what else it does. Yes, you’re primarily looking for a GPS tracker detector, but such devices often have the ability to detect a whole lot of bugs and hidden devices. Most of them will be able to track down eavesdropping devices that transmit wirelessly, many will have a laser that lets you find a hidden camera, and some will also be able to detect 2G, 3G and 4G transmissions. If you get one that can detect pretty much everything, you’ll be more than covered. Not only will you be able to check if there’s a GPS tracker detector on your car, but you can also see if someone is listening in to your conversations or watching you.

Build quality is another important thing. This is a device that you might need to use outdoors, and you don’t want one that’s going to break the first time you accidentally drop it, or one that’s going to stop working once a drop of rain falls on it.

Last but not least, do consider your budget. These devices range from budget oriented, to some truly premium models, and you don’t want to be spending an exorbitant amount of money when you don’t have to.


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