Last Updated on October 21, 2020

Choosing the best motion activated spy camera when you need one is difficult. It’s not just that there are too many options out there, there’s also the fact that you’ll have a hard time deciding whether the one you set your sights on is any good or not. Before moving on, if motion detection is not your primary concern, take a look at the overall best spy cameras available today.

Well, fear not, as we’re here to help. Below we’ve got a list of five of the best motion activated spy camera models you’ll find today. They range from expensive, higher end options, to ones that will satisfy even the most budget-oriented shoppers in terms of pricing. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at them.

Best overall

Resolution: 1920x1080p full HD
2-Way Audio
Field of view: 
110 degrees
Night Vision

Blink’s XT2 is our top pick here, and there are quite a few reasons for that. While it is also the priciest one on the list, it comes with the most functionality and most support from the manufacturer. It comes with free cloud storage which lets you store your clips on the cloud for up to a year without any monthly fees or service contract. (1)

The XT2 is also pretty versatile, since the camera is IP65 rated, which means that you can have it mounted outdoors, not just indoors. The battery life of two AA batteries is around two years, which is impressive to say the least. Add to this the IR LEDs that basically give the XT2 night vision recording, and you’ve got yourself one of the most useful motion activated spy cameras out there.

The video quality is excellent, and the resolution is 1080p. Add to this two-way audio which lets you use the Blink app to talk through the cam, as well as the Alexa integration, and it’s actually pretty good. Oh, and the motion detection is customizable, and the camera doesn’t require any kind of tools wiring or professional installation to set it up. Neat, right?

Best Portable

Resolution: 1920x1080p full HD
Supports up to 64GB SD Card
Battery: 380 mAh 90 minutes recording
No Night Vision

Next on our list is the ALIWESTCOM Spy Camera, which is quite a lot cheaper than the Blink XT2 we just spoke about. Is it quite a lot worse? Not really. It’s small, it’s inconspicuous, and it works really well.

The video quality is excellent – a single press of the button lets you choose between HD and Full HD resolution, and there’s another button that you just press to start recording. Since there are no LEDs and the entire camera is black, you won’t have a hard time hiding it.

The battery allows it to work for up to 90 minutes continuously, and you can have up to a 64GB micro SD card inside. Make sure it’s at least Class 10 if you don’t want to have issues with it, though. You will also get motion detection, which we honestly didn’t expect at this price range, but it’s the reason why we put it on out list. All things considered, it’s a great little spy camera.

Best Budget Option

Resolution: 1920x1080p full HD
Supports up to 32GB SD Card
Battery: Built-in 100 minutes recording
Night Vision
Field of view: 
120 degrees

If the ALIWESTCOM was too expensive, or too big for you, the Lilexo Mini Camera might be perfect for your needs. This is their updated 2019 model, and it’s one of the smallest, easiest to hide mini cameras.

The camera records 1080p, and it comes with a 120 degree wide angle lens, as well as IR LEDs that give it night vision. Even in pitch black, you’ll get excellent, clear video. There’s also video stabilization, which is something we have yet to see at this budget, and it allows you to use the camera handheld and still get incredibly stable footage.

You do have a motion activated sensor, of course, which does make the fact that you’re limited to a 32GB memory card non-problematic. The battery life isn’t too impressive, but it does record while plugged in so you can use it like that if you need it to record for extended periods of time. A potential downside is that the videos are divided into 5 minute clips.

Best Value for Money

Resolution: 1080P Full HD
Battery: 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion
Night Vision
Field of View:
150 degree

A simple-to-use device with a wide-angle 150-degree field of view and is equipped with 6 pieces of the quality IR lights for night vision purposes. It provides intelligent motion detection that will allow you to get notified so long as it needed.

This device is a great choice for your surveillance need at home or at your office, as it is solely designed for that purpose. The safety and security of your place are what make this device stands out.

Its features include a 1080P HD video captures at a 150 degrees wide angle. Once motion detections are activated it will notify you with an alert notification send to your smartphones, this is all possible using an app that is compatible with your iOS and Android phone devices. The app can be enjoyed by multiple users, this means one application can support and monitor multiple installed cameras within the area you choose to secure. The app comes in free and no monthly charges, giving you another great advantage.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery and can record even if you are charging the device, it won’t have any problem. The loop recording supports up to max 128GB Micro SD Card (not Included).

Also Good

Resolution: HD 1080P Video
Supports Max 128GB Micro SD Card (32GB Included)
Battery: 350mAh
Night Vision
Motion Detection

We’re wrapping things up with another tiny model, this 32GB Mini HD 1080P wireless hidden camera that has a night vision feature and instant push notification that you can use to your advantage.

It is a small and portable device but fully-packed with a lot of great features. The 150-degree field of view gives you enough view to see the area where you want to monitor it.

The maker recently upgraded their motion detection and night vision technology. You can now set the sensitivity of the device manually to give you more options. Once this is placed on your system you will be able to receive a push notification via your phone if the device detected some activities within the area monitored.

What is great about this device also is its loop recording feature that will give you a 24/7 round the clock advantage making sure you’re missing anything at home or at your office. The memory has a maximum capacity of 128GB housed in a built-in SD Card slot, it has included a 32GB SD card for your initial use.

Another great feature for this small portable camera is the multi-user features, this means you can use one camera and multiple users can access it via an app that comes for free (no monthly charges) and are both compatible with iOS and Android devices.


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