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Last Updated on May 11, 2021

When it comes to spy gadgets, there are a lot of adult options out there. And one of the most popular devices is a pair of night vision goggles. However, it you’re a parent who has small kids, they’ve undoubtedly asked for something like that. And the truth is, they wouldn’t be able to use them. First of all, a pair of night vision goggles is heavy, and second, they’re pretty expensive. But that won’t stop them from wanting a pair, right?

Well, what if they could get one? Of course, we’re talking about a night vision goggle for kids, which is lighter, cheaper, but your kids will still enjoy it. If this piques your interest, read on. We will not only touch upon what sets them apart from a real pair, but we’ve also got a few suggestions for you.

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Best Overall

Visibility: 50ft
Battery: 4 AA Batteries Required

Even though you might think this is a toy, the SpyX Night Hawk Scope will actually let your kids see in the dark, albeit not very far. Made by SpyX, a company that has a lot of kids’ oriented spy gadgets, the Night Hawk Scope is an excellent accessory for kids who want to feel like a spy, and parents who don’t want to spend too much on that.

And what surprises most, especially at this price, your kid will get actual infrared night vision. It’s a simplified form of the same technology used in actually NVG devices, and for a toy, it works really well. Visibility is pretty good, but you’re limited to a range of only 50 feet, which is honestly not that bad. There are both focus adjustment and lens adjustment knobs that let you get a clear image, and you’ll also get a power switch, to change between daytime and nighttime usage.

On the outside, the Night Hawk Scope looks like a spy gadget. The overall black design is accented by silver parts, and it’s made to be used as a handheld device. It’s lightweight, and it’s got good grip locations where your kid can place their hands.

While some may argue this isn’t a real night vision goggle for kids, this is actually as close as you can get without spending hundreds of dollars. And it works really well.

A Wearable Runner Up

Visibility: 25ft
Battery: 3 AAA Batteries Required

If you’d rather get a night vision goggle for kids that they won’t have to hold, but they can wear instead, it might be a good idea to go for the SpyX Night Mission Goggles instead. They’re pretty budget-oriented, made really well, and will allow your kid to see in the dark.

Now, we believe we should get one thing out of the way. The Night Mission Goggles won’t give you any IR LEDs, or other kind of night vision technology that you’d expect from more expensive options. Instead, you get a blue tinted lens that, admittedly, looks cool, and a pair of LED lights. The lights can be switched on and off pretty easily, and will illuminate everything ahead, at a distance of up to 25 feet. We do realize some might consider this to be “cheating” in a way, because you don’t have real night vision goggles for kids, but you should keep in mind that your kids will love it, because it does let them see in the dark.

Aside from this, you have a comfortable headset that has a battery pack at the back, which powers the LEDs. It’s also a neat way to add some balance, and comfort to the goggles. There is also a flip-out scope to make things a bit more interesting. Overall, the Night Mission Goggles by SpyX are a pretty wallet-friendly way to have your kids feel like spies!

Best Budget

Visibility: 25ft
Battery: 4 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)

If you want to save a few bucks, and still get functionality similar to the SpyX Night Mission Goggles, the Yolyoo Night Vision Google is your best bet. It’s similar to the SpyX, but comes at a fraction of the price without sacrificing much in terms of functionality.

So, what is the Yolyoo? Well, it’s a pair of goggles that will actually provide quite a lot of protection for your kids. They go around their eyes and extend to the sides, and to the top and bottom, so they can shield their eyes when they’re playing. They’re also dustproof and windproof, so even in not-so-great weather conditions, they’ll protect your kids’ eyes. The lens is made of polycarbonate, so even if it does break, it won’t shatter into pieces and cause harm.

In terms of night vision, like the SpyX, you’ll get a flip out LED light which will let them see in the dark at up to 25 feet. Not real night vision, but it’s still a cool addition nonetheless. The lights are powered by the battery that sits at the back, and makes this a wearable device. The elastic band is adjustable and very comfortable, and the nose pad is foam, so it’s comfortable as well. Note that with the Yolyoo, you’ll need four AAA batteries in order to power them. And if you’re on a budget, they’re quite possibly your best pick.

Most Versatile Option

2X – Magnifying Lens
3 AAA Batteries Required (Not included)

Our last pick is actually the one that’s most versatile in terms of functionality. It’s made by SpinMaster, and it’s a fairly well priced night vision goggle for kids that has a few tricks up its sleeve, too. 

First things first, this is a very lightweight goggle. The straps that make it a wearable are comfortable, and the battery pack at the rear balances out the lens and additional things at the front. The nose pad is soft and comfortable, too, which is nice.

The lenses themselves have a blue tint, which does look cool. Combine this with the bright LED lights, and you get a pretty nice view in situations where you have less than enough light. The LEDs won’t brighten things up too much, but they’re a nice idea, and a good way of getting night vision for your kids.

Aside from that, you will also find a fold-out scope, as well as 2x magnifying lens. This is especially useful during the day, because it lets your kids look at small details that might be further away, with ease. Yes, you can use them at night, but you won’t get too far in terms of image quality.

The entire thing is powered by three AAA batteries, which are not included unfortunately. Oh, and they have a pretty tight fit. That means your kids won’t be able to wear them over conventional glasses. If you’re okay with that, however, they’re definitely a good choice.  

Buyers’ Guide

The first thing you’ll need to know before we get into the goggles themselves is how they differ from the real thing. And to do that, let’s touch upon how real night vision goggles work. Basically, night vision goggles work by amplifying the existing light. Even in what appears like pitch-black scenarios, there’s a tiny bit of light. Sometimes that’s infrared light, which you can’t see with your naked eyes. Well, a pair of night vision goggles will collect that tiny bit of light and will amplify it quite a bit so you can see what’s going on. (1)

However, that is all a complicated system and is pretty expensive to manufacture, especially if you want a high-quality pair. That’s why a night vision goggle for kids won’t have that kind of tech inside. What they will have, however, is a way for your kids to see in the dark, and feel cool. After all, that’s what kids are after, feeling cool, right? Well, if they’re looking for a pair of night vision goggles, they probably are.

So, what should you look for in a night vision goggle for kids? Well, first things first, make sure they’re reasonably priced. After all, you’re getting them for kids, and they might break them. That’s why all the options we’re recommending below are pretty wallet-friendly.

Then, see if you can actually see anything in the dark with them. You actually can get decent night time vision with some of them, as you’ll see with the options below, so this is certainly something worth checking out.

After this, you should probably judge the “cool factor”. They should look like a spy tool, and not as a regular pair of glasses. This doesn’t have to do with the functionality too much, but it does have a lot to do with the kid’s approval factor.

Last but not least, consider how comfortable they are. There’s a pretty big chance your kids will want to wear them for extended periods of time, so they should be lightweight and comfortable.

And if you’re interested in the legalities of using a night vision both for adults and kids, you may want to check this learning guide we’ve made that answers the question: Are night vision goggles legal in the US?


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