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Last Updated on February 10, 2021

antenna locationAn outdoor TV antenna is one of those great products that can change your whole entertainment experience and bring live tv into your home at no extra cost. You can return to those days of free TV programming, and not sacrifice any image clarity or sharpness. However, while today’s TV services are pretty simple to set up and use, an outdoor TV antenna does require a bit of a procedure to get it up and running. Fear not, the procedure can be pretty simple if you know what you’re doing.

Below you will find a guide on how to install an outdoor TV antenna. We’ll make sure to make things as simple as possible, and if you follow the instructions, you should be up and running in no time. Now, note that with your specific antenna, you might have a detailed set of instructions on setting it up and adjusting it. If that is the case, make sure you have your instructions on hand, so you can keep up. Let’s begin!

Do a bit of research

The first step is done inside your home. You’ll want your antenna pointing towards a broadcast tower that’s in your vicinity. You can’t just have it pointing anywhere, so do a bit of research. Find out where the nearest broadcast tower is – you can even ask your neighbor if they have one, they should be able to help. You could also use something like AntennaWeb, where you just input your address and get the location of the nearest tower. Now that you know where your antenna should be pointing, let’s prepare for the mounting process.

You should also note the position of the antenna. This varies from rooftop to rooftop, but you should go out for a minute, and look at where you’d place it for optimal performance.

roof bracket for for outdoor tv antennaPrepare the mounting bracket

Your outdoor TV antenna has a mounting bracket that needs to be assembled and mounted on the roof. You don’t want to be assembling things outside, so make sure you have it assembled before you go out – it’s much more straightforward. The assembly process for the mounting bracket should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so make sure you follow them.

Once you’re done with that, grab it, along with any tools you’ll need, and mount it on the rooftop. You’ll need to screw it in to have it secure. A good tip, once you’re done, is to apply silicone caulk on the screws. You’re drilling holes in your roof – this should give the holes protection from water penetration.

Once you’re done, let’s move on to the antenna itself.

If necessary, assemble the antenna

Some antennas will come preassembled, in one solid piece. However, others will require you to put them together. As we said, the manufacturer usually has a detailed set of instructions inside. Make sure to follow them if you want your antenna to work as intended. Once you’re done with this, it’s time to grab it and mount it on the bracket outside.

mounting bracketsAttach the antenna pole, and the antenna

On the mounting bracket’s sleeve, you will find bolts. Loosen them, and slide the antenna in. You should ensure the pole reaches the bottom of the sleeve. Once that happens, tighten the bolts to hold the pole securely into place.

After this is done, you should loosen the bolts on the antenna’s sleeve. Slide the whole antenna over the pole, until the pole reaches the top of the sleeve. Now, rotate the antenna, so it faces the broadcast tower’s location. Now, you don’t want to tighten the bolts all the way, until you’ve adjusted everything.

Run a temporary cable and test the setup

You don’t want to finalize everything just yet. The antenna will require a bit of tuning until you get it in place, so it might be a good idea to get a pair of helping hands. Run a coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV setup. Don’t secure it yet. Have someone tell you how the signal is while you adjust the antenna on the rooftop. Once you find the ideal position, only then can you tighten the bolts on the antenna sleeve. Now, remove the temporary cable, and let’s finish things up.

coaxial cable for antennasRun the coaxial cable, ground it, and secure all wires in place

Now that you know the antenna is set up well, you’ll need to ground the antenna. This is crucial concerning your safety, and you’ll want to use a grounding block that’s connected to the building ground. Make sure you’re following your area’s electric codes and guidelines.

After this is done, you’ll need to secure all wires, including the grounding ones, in place and out of the way. You’ll need some time to do this properly, so don’t rush it.

You’re done! Now, a couple of safety tips

Even though this is a fairly simple ordeal, it’s worth noting a few things to ensure things are as secure as possible. These are all tips that could come in handy when you’re installing your outdoor TV antenna, so read on.

  • Even though outdoor TV antennas are installed on a rooftop, try and do as many steps as possible inside, or on the ground. Things such as assembly of the bracket and antenna, are best done inside.
  • Don’t install it on a windy day. You’re on a rooftop, and the wind isn’t your friend. Make sure the weather is as calm as possible.
  • Be aware of the power lines. Stay at least 6 meters away from them to reduce the risk of an accident as much as possible. If the antenna falls and makes contact with the power line, do not remove it yourself. You’ll need an expert for this as it’s a dangerous task, so call a professional.
  • Make sure the grounding is done correctly. We’re talking about power, so if you aren’t sure about this, call a professional.
  • Watch your step. You’ll be high above the ground, and a small mistake may cause an accident. Do your best to avoid this.

Wrapping things up

As we said, knowing how to install an outdoor TV antenna is a simple task. There are a few things to be careful about, but as long as you follow the guide above, you should be good to go!

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