Simple! It’s a mini hidden camera.

Rotation 180 degree | Resolution 1080p| Night vision up to 12 feet | Motion detection | Lithium battery 1200mA  | Wide angle camera 140 degree


  • Night Vision: With 4 black LED which are invisible and covert (LED not light up in use) with a night visual range up to 12 feet,it’s an ideal portable home security camera.
  • Motion Detection: When motion is detected, the hidden camera will start recording automatically. And with Real-time Video Recording, this mini camera will faithfully record your uninvited guest’s action in real-time .
  • Super Long time recording: Built-in 1200 mA lithium battery ,sustainable recording video 8 hours.
  • Other more features:140 degrees wide angle.Support cyclic video.Supports settable time and date stamps

There are plenty of reasons to want to buy a spy camera. Whether you want to add a touch of discrete surveillance to your home office, or you want it to be able to check up on your nanny when they’re left with your child, it’s a good idea to have a hidden camera. And lately, there’s an influx of models that range to truly budget-oriented, yet good models, to some high-end options that will cost you quite a bit.

Somewhere in the middle between those two categories is the Pannovo Mini Spy Camera. It’s more expensive than the budget options you’ll come across, but it’s cheaper than the premium models from brand name manufacturers. It does come with a pretty good feature list, so it’s definitely worth the asking price, but how good is it overall? Should you consider it as an option when you’re looking for a hidden spy camera, or should you look past it and get something else?

Well, if this is a question you’ve been asking yourself, we’ll take a closer look at the camera itself, explain some of its features, and try to answer them. After that, we’ll briefly talk about who the hidden camera is perfect for, so you know whether you should get it or not.

The hidden spy camera on the outside

When it comes to hidden spy cameras, they’re either small enough to be concealed well, or they’re large but are made to look like a common household object. The mini spy camera is in the first camp, but it comes with a twist. The camera itself is pretty small, so you can hide it easily just about anywhere, but the lens comes on a rotating head at the tip of the camera. What this does is it allows you to position it in a lot more places, without being limited with the recording angle. That rotating head can turn a whole 180 degrees, so it does cover quite a lot.

Aside from that, the hidden camera is a simple black box. There is only one button, which is the on/off button, and it’s right above the hole which lets you reset the camera. On the side, however, you get two switches. The first one allows you to change between continuous recording, and motion detection (more on that later), while the other one is a night light switch.

On the rotating head, it’s not just the camera lens. It’s also flanked on both sides by four IR LEDs that help the camera with night time recording, and they actually do a great job.

Let’s discuss the Pannovo’s camera functionality

The first thing you’ll want to know is the field of view and resolution. We’ll be honest, even though we’d prefer a wide field of view, the mini spy camera rotating head compensates for one that is slightly narrower than what we’d like. That’s not to say it’s bad – it is still an excellent 140 degrees, but other premium products tend to have it a bit wider. The resolution is an excellent 1920 x 1080, which is pretty much the standard when it comes to quality hidden cameras.

Now, one major thing when it comes to the hidden spy camera is the recording capability. While it does record video, and it also supports video looping to help out a bit with storage, there’s no way to capture photos with it. Therefore, if you only need a picture taken, let’s say every minute, instead of continuous video, you’re a bit out of luck in that regard. However, since this is done purely for storage reasons, you won’t have to worry about things, thanks to the loop recording.

Moving on, we mentioned night time recording capabilities. While many hidden cameras only take advantage of a good sensor for night time recording, many times that’s just not enough. A good hidden camera sensor can only do so much, and when it’s even darker, there’s only one solution – night vision recording. The spy camera has it, and it works with the four infrared LEDs that surround the camera’s lens, as we mentioned earlier. They’re infrared, so they’re invisible to the human eye, but they’ll light up the scene so the camera can record even when it’s pitch black. Note, however, that they’re limited to a distance of 12ft, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you use the camera indoors.

The other thing we said we’ll talk about is motion detection. With a conventional camera, you should have it record continuously if you want it to capture when something happens. However, with motion detection, the camera will only start recording if something happens in front of it. Not only will this save you both storage and battery life, since this is a battery powered camera, but it will also prevent you from needing to scrub through hours of footage to find those 15 minutes you actually need.

Since we mentioned power, the hidden spy camera comes with a 1200mAh lithium battery. This will allow you to keep it recording for around 8 hours, continuously, but if you were to switch it to motion detection only, you’ll get a lot more out of it.


Considering the not-that-cheap price, as well as the fact that you can’t capture photos with the hidden spy camera, only video, it’s not for everyone. People who only need a couple of photos, for example to document some kind of change, won’t find it useful, which is a shame, for example.

However, if you want a camera that’s going to record if something happens in your office or your home, and don’t need a lot of advanced functionality, this is it. It records high quality video, and it doesn’t lose quality when recording in pitch black, which makes it versatile. The rotating head only adds to its versatility, and makes the Pannovo one of the best spy cameras.