Sometimes you just don’t have an active imagination or are looking for some great inspiration to hide in plain sight with your spy cameras. We are here to help with a list of different places and things you can hide your security cameras inside. We have scoured all the different products out there and looked at all the different places and ways to hide a hidden camera to develop this comprehensive list.

You may have a better way to hide a spy camera in plain sight and we encourage you to comment and go ahead and list your preferred way below for us to add.

This list includes the basics in home security for hiding hidden cameras and some of the ideas are based on the small mini cameras that are wireless and hidden around the house while some of these ideas include a product with them.

We have rated these ideas by level of concealment and practicality with 10/10 being the best concealed in plain sight and practice and 1/10 being very impractical

Hide In Plain Sight Camera Ideas Rated

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Tissue box –


What is more convenient than a tissue box? This is something we all have around and its easy to make changes to it. We suggest that you use a box with a very busy design on it so your hole for your security camera will not look obvious, again if someone looks closely they may be able to find it unless you use a box that matches your cameras color which is usually place and camouflages the lens with a multitude of designs. This is one of the riskier options.

  • Make a small hole in the object
  • Secure camera in the opening

Flower pot or desk plant –


A flower pot is one of the more inconspicuous ways to hide a mini security camera they are large, busy and easy to hide items in. The issue here becomes that some people are attracted to a nice flower pot and may come closer to take a look and find your camera. We recommend hiding the camera behind many layers of places branches and having it peaking out only slightly. A added layer of protection would be slightly covering it in old branches or dirt to have only the lens peaking out.

In a stuffed animal for nanny-


When you think of nanny cams most people immediately think of stuffed animals. This is with good reason since these are one of the easiest items to hide a mini security camera inside. There is only one negative with these and that’s the publicity they have gotten in television and magazines. The publicity has made them one of the first things nanny’s suspect in the house and stay away from, though you may still catch a nanny unaware this particular hiding spot loses a few points because of its obviousness.

Behind a picture frame


These picture frame cameras are becoming more and more common with extreme features like hd built into them they become harder and harder to discover and at this point are one of the top items on our list. They may not come with wi fi but they are a great alternative.

Book shelve


Hiding a security camera on a bookshelf could be a great spot if the bookshelf is busy enough, however if you only have 3 books and are putting it between it could be easy to spot by someone that’s very observant but overall you cal leave this camera in plain sight.

Smoke detectors


A smoke detector camera is usually a custom made spy security camera and offers a extremely covert way to spy without being caught since the detector is fake. The issues is that most of these currently in the market are not yet good enough in the quality department to record perfect video and when they do its on a top down platform making it hard to make out details.

Fake rocks


These are outdoor mini cameras that let you place a fake rock that records perfect video. These are one of the most covert ways to record out there today.

Fake hanging potted plant


Similar to our desk plant but put into an outdoor plant these are great especially since when they are at a higher level they are harder to spot.

On a desk near computer or laptop webcam


We finally have one of our worst places to hide a spy security camera. When you hide one of these on your desk or under wires this is one of the most obvious areas. These days people are trained to think or assume that all laptops have cameras and are watching even Mark Zuckerberg in a famous video puts a post it note over his laptop camera to avoid hackers seeing him. If you have a camera near your computer or use your laptop computer it will be caught by even the average person.

Outdoor camera in a birdhouse


Another great idea that is seldom used, these birdhouses are seldom touched and inconspicuous. Some of them also come with night vision. The night vision would be perfect for catching someone unaware.

Behind a bush


You may think were getting lazy with this idea but bushes are one of the busiest objects and its hard to see a camera amongst all the branches.

On the roof just under ease trough


Another great option, fake ease-trough can be laid and glued over the security cameras. Just be sure not to put it in drainage or get water on it when hiding a camera.

Fake socket


These USB cameras are great and are expertly hidden, just be careful with the light up for recording ones.

Two sided mirror


This is the ultimate fake camera idea, however most people don’t have the resources required to implement this one.

Wall clock


Another great security camera idea the issue with these is finding the perfect positioning to not make it obvious your wall clock is in a recording position.

Alarm clock


Another great custom device the alarm spy clock hides a spy cam within a small button sizes camera at  the front of the alarm clock.







Behind a glass window


Wires why to avoid them!

button camera installationAvoid wires at all costs. Most of these security cameras ideas require you to hide them in undercover objects that are hard to find. There is one this that can make these easily found and that’s the presence of wires. Avoid these wires at all costs and don’t try to save a few bucks, go for the wireless option. If you can avoid wires than make sure they are very well hidden. Sometimes you will have to settle for them if your device requires charging and sometimes they do make sense like when a camera is implanted in a tech object like an alarm clock.

Finally be careful and make sure you read our articles of spy tech laws before taking the plunge, good luck with your hidden camera home security project!

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