Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Hidden cameras are an extremely popular thing nowadays. Whether you need them to keep track of what’s happening in your home, or your office, you’ll most likely want to have one. Another added benefit nowadays is that they’re becoming extremely cheap – you could get a spy camera that more than does the job you need it to, and doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money.

 So, you’ve decided that you need one. Which one do you get? Our recommendation would be to opt for the Spy Camera Wall Charger. It’s an excellent solution for both home use, and office use, and it doesn’t break the bank. We have a fairly detailed Spy Camera Wall Charger review for you below, and we’ll also mention a few tips on how to place it and where.

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Spy Camera Wall Charger review – what is it?

The main goal with a hidden camera is to keep it out of sight. This is best done by either hiding it among household objects, or disguising it as one. This spy camera takes the second approach, and takes the shape of something each and every one of us has at home, or in the office, or at both places – a wall charger. You surely have one, or a few, plugged into your outlets, so you can charge your smartphone and other similar devices.

So, how does it work? Right beneath the USB port is the camera’s lens, so you should keep in mind not to obstruct it. Considering it’s meant to stay plugged in, you won’t need to worry about a power source. There is, however, a built-in battery, if you’d rather leave it on a desk or something, for a short while. It won’t last a lot, though.

The camera has very good video quality. It records in full HD, at 1920 x 1080p, with 30 frames per second. This is more or less the standard with a lot of good, quality cameras, so getting it in a package that’s this easy to hide, and costs this much, is very welcome. The lens and sensor are absolutely excellent during the day, and even though there’s a slight image quality drop at night, it’s far from what you would expect from something at this price. The footage recorded is saved in an AVI format, at a 16:9 ratio, which makes it popular for playing back on just about any operating system, and any video playback software.

The other advanced feature that we wouldn’t expect from such a camera is the motion detection sensor. We all know that having a camera record 24/7 can lead to a frustrating experience when you need to find a specific moment when something happened. A motion detection sensor can help with that. Basically, when it’s enabled, it will only record when it notices something is happening in front of the lens. Any kind of motion will trigger it, and you’ll only have to go through footage of something actually happening. This is a very nifty feature, and it’s nice to see it included in cameras at this price range.

Another area where the motion sensor helps is with storage. The camera doesn’t have built-in storage, but it has support for a micro SD memory card. It can have a capacity of up to 32GB. Now, whoever has worked with video knows that 32GB can fill up pretty quickly when you’re recording full HD video 24/7. The motion detection will make sure no unnecessary video is recorded. However, even if you do fill it up, the camera has looped video recording. This means that the oldest video that was recorded will automatically be overwritten by the newest one, so you always have footage of the latest events in your home or office. 

A few placement tips

A thing to note with hidden cameras is that unless you find a good way of hiding it, the point of having them is somewhat lost. If you suspect partner infidelity, they’ll most likely stop if they see a camera in your home. If your secretary has been stealing things out of your office, they won’t do that when they notice you’re recording the office. So, where do you place it?

Well, for starters, you’ll need to choose a wall outlet to disguise it. They’re often below eye level, so you should choose one that’s not obstructed by anything. Another good tip would be to choose one that is a single outlet, without other chargers or cables connected nearby. They can very well obstruct the lens’ view.

Next, plug a cable in it. There’s a USB port on the camera, right above the lens – make use of it. You could even go as far as leaving a device plugged in and “charging”. Nobody’s going to look at a wall charger and say “Hey, that might be a hidden camera”.

Last but not least, remove it from the wall once in a while. If there’s a wall charger without anything plugged in for a good while, and you’re obviously not using it, things might get a little suspicious.

Wrapping up our Spy Camera Wall Charger review – should you get it?

We’ll be honest, hiding a camera in a wall charger is one of the most creative ways of doing this we’ve ever seen. To add to that, with this camera you’re also getting excellent image quality, as well as advanced features such as motion detection and looped storage. If we were to stop here, this would be the perfect spy camera.

However, nothing is perfect. There is one downside with this, and it’s the fact that most wall outlets are placed well below eye level. This makes placement tricky, and can severely limit where you use the camera. If this isn’t an issue for you, by all means get it, it’s one of the best hidden cameras you can find on the market nowadays.