Last Updated on January 14, 2020

Motion detection is a very underestimated feature in spy cameras. USB spy camera motion detection is a feature that you should definitely invest in, especially nowadays when the prices are pretty reasonable on the market. That being said, many people don’t think that the feature is worth it, and get a camera that doesn’t have it.

If you aren’t really sure whether or not it’s worth getting, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll take a look at three USB spy camera motion detection options that are a good pick if you’re in the market. And Afterwards, take a look at what it does, so you have a better understanding on why it’s so important and why it’s a good idea to get it. Here’s a list that we concluded for the best USB spy cameras.

Best Features

Resolution: 1080p HD
Storage: Up to 128GB
Motion Detection

Even though motion detection by itself is a great feature to have, it absolutely shines when you combine it with Wi-Fi. The Aynone Spy Camera does just that, allowing you to receive alerts on your phone whenever something is happening, and even without that, it’s just an excellent USB spy camera.

To begin with, you’ve got 1080p video recording. The quality is stellar, even when there isn’t too much light, it does manage to give you good quality video. The field of view is pretty good as well, and you won’t have a lot of problems if you want to capture the entire room with a single camera.

However, it’s the combination of Wi-Fi and motion detection that makes this camera really shine. It connects to your home network, and it will let you know when something is moving in front of it, something not much of the competition can do.  Also, you might want to check WiFi enabled USB spy cameras, that also pack a great punch with complete features.

Add to this the two USB plugs that charge at 0.5A and 1A, and you’ve got yourself an overall excellent USB spy camera. It doesn’t lack anything, with the only downside being the price that is a bit higher than the rest of the options on the list. But considering the feature set, and the extras you get in the box, it’s more than worth it.

Best Compact

Field of view: 90 degrees
Up to 128GB
Motion Detection

Even though the Aynone we spoke about above is a no-compromise pick that’s good for everyone, it does have two potential downsides – the price, and the size. It’s pretty big, and even though the lens is impossible to see, it does attract a bit of attention. If that’s not your cup of tea, the Facamworld deals with both of those things.

To begin with, it’s very small. It has a single USB port, though, which you can use for charging, but not fast charging. It’s at the bottom, which only leaves the camera lens at the front, but that won’t be an issue considering that it’s small and easy to hide.

Video quality is great, you have 1080p video with a very respectable field of view. It’s nothing to write home about, but it does do a great job at capturing an entire room. The motion detection mode works at up to 15 feet in good light, but it drops to 10 feet when you don’t have that much light, which is still pretty good. (1)

With a compatibility with up to a 128GB memory card, the Facamworld is an excellent option for users who want a compact USB spy camera motion detection model that does a great job.

Best Motion Detection

Field Of view: 90 degrees
Up to 32GB
IQ Motion Detection

You might be wondering why we say this is the one with best motion detection, when it’s last on our list. The answer lies in the somewhat more expensive price than the Facamworld, but yes, the DIVINEEAGLE does come with the best motion detection system we’ve seen on a compact USB wall charger camera.

With 130 points, nothing can escape the DIVINEEAGLE’s lens, and it will capture anything that happens in full HD, 1080p video with excellent quality. The viewing angle is pretty good, too, and it allows you to capture a wide part of the room without much trouble.

Add to this the loop recording feature, and the fact that you’ve got a host of accessories in the box, such as a memory card reader and USB cable for both micro USB and Lightning devices, and this is an excellent combination of features. It’s surprisingly easy to set up and use, all you’ve got to do is insert a memory card (up to 32GB), and plug it in, and it’s recording. You can use it from a power bank as well, which is a nice addition. Find more information on how to use a USB Spy Camera. Overall this is a pretty good pick.  

Why is it a good idea?

First things first, what does motion detection do? It’s basically a small sensor that’s usually behind the lens itself, or somewhere around it, and senses movement. It does this at distances of up to 15 feet usually, at least that’s the case with the budget models akin to the ones we’ll discuss below.

This kind of sensor allows the camera to sit in ‘standby’ mode all the time, not wasting resources such as power and storage, but when something is happening, it’s going to start recording instantly. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any critical thing that might happen. Combine this with a feature such as Wi-Fi (which our top pick does have), and you get the ability to receive an alert on your smartphone whenever someone is moving in the room where you’ve placed the camera.

So, to conclude, not only does it save a lot of storage room and battery, but it also makes sure that if anything does happen, you’ve got it on video and you don’t have to worry about it. Here’s a how to guide on USB flash drive spy cameras.


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