Last Updated on November 19, 2020

It doesn’t often happen that a device gives us a great first impression that continues to last in time. Here at, we put our hands on Yaesu FT 270R to write a review that will ease your buying process. This amateur radio proved itself as a great value device. In this review, we’ll sum up the pros and cons of this transceiver in an in-depth guide and share our experience with it.

If you keep reading, you’ll learn about:

  • Design
  • Range
  • Battery
  • Programming
  • Interesting features
  • Overall performance

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Yaesu FT 270R, keep reading. You can also learn more about handheld radios on our website.

Product Dimension: 8 x 6 x 4 inches 
Product Weight: 1.99 pounds
Battery: 1400mAh
Channels: 1000
Transmission: 144-148Mhz & 430-470Mhz

The second, we took this Yaesu radio in our hands, we couldn’t help but notice its weight and robust body. Due to the solid aluminum and other materials used in its construction, it weighs 0.88 pounds – which may not be so easy to carry around on long-distance. Otherwise, we liked the sturdy 4.7″ body with a carefully designed look.

Our Opinion of Yaesu FT-270R

General Design

The backlit LCD display and the DTMF keypad did an excellent job in low-light conditions since the orange-colored backlight makes reading easier. You can also adjust the intensity of the screen’s backlight and leave it permanently on. Still, we wouldn’t advise doing that because it results in faster battery drainage. We found the keypad frequency entry useful since we could easily change operating frequencies by using just the keyboard. (1)

The Push-to-talk button is in the upper left part of the radio, and right below it, there’s the monitor switch that allows monitoring weak signals. Moving on to the top, we find the antenna connector and the power dial, the 4-connector mic/earphones jack and speaker jack, and the external DC port protected with a rubber cap when not in use. Unlike other radios we tested, the power dial on this one also acts as a volume controller, and we found this pretty practical in terms of design.

One of the best features of this radio is its audio. The front panel speaker is placed above the keypad on the top of the device. Yaesu did an excellent job with the 800 mW audio output! The 800 mW audio amp gives an outstanding sound, both crystal and loud. It does an excellent job in noisy environments, thus the audio output is among the most favored features of this radio. Anyway, the reviews about the external mike are quite diverse – some like the mike because of the waterproofing membrane over it, but others don’t like it that much since it muffles the sound a bit.

Another highlight of the Yaesu FT 270R is its submersible design, meaning it holds up to IPX7 specifications and can withstand being in water (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes. This, combined with the backlit display, makes the Yaesu Ft 270r the ideal companion for your next journey outdoors. (2)

If you get this radio, Yaesu will also feature the flexible SMA antenna, FNB-83 NiMH battery, wall power adapter, belt clip and an in-depth manual which will please all beginners and help them correctly set up the product.


The Yaesu FТ 270R transmits within a range of nearly 10 miles, which is pretty decent for a base level ham radio. This being said, the receiver will do a good job in most surroundings. If you move out of the communication range, the AR transponder system will alert you with an audio signal. Anyhow, if you need a boost, you can always shop for a better compatible antenna. Using a better, suitable antenna will give you a stronger signal and extend the range of communication.

Battery Life

We drained the battery flat, and it took us about 10 hours to fully recharge it. The 1400 mAh battery pack gave us about 8 hours of active functioning. Don’t let this lower the great impression of the Yaesu FT 270R – this is as good as it gets for a 5 watts power output radio. Anyway, we noticed one disadvantage: the radio does not have a selectable power output, so the low power option is not available with this one. That means you’ll have to turn it off if you don’t want your battery completely drained out. However, the Power Saving Circuit Design allows for a longer active time than other similar handheld radios.

To start using the radio, you have to install the battery by tilting the belt clip outward and upward. Afterward, put the battery in its compartment, secure it and your radio is ready for use!


The highly detailed manual included in the box significantly eased the process of programming the radio. As we mentioned before, the in-depth manual will be your best friend if you’re a beginner since it is easily comprehendible, and it has all you need.

The first thing you need to do is enter the frequency you wish to use. To do this, you should enter the Memory mode on the menu. Next, you can use the 200 memory channels and partition them up to 10 memory groups.

Since the radio is mono-band, it operates only on VHF (Very High Frequency) spectrum – 136 to 174 MHz VHF. This being said, the radio covers most public services, government channels, or marine.

Interesting Features

  • Radio Frequency Squelch: Yaesu added this feature to allow noise reduction in high RF activity areas. It does come in handy!
  • Split Tone Capability: The Yaesu Ft 270r includes the Split Tone Capability which allows encoding of CTCSS tones and decoding of DCS tones or vice-versa.
  • Automatic Repeater Shift: Excellent repeater capability.
  • Priority Channel Scanning
  • Weather Broadcast Channels
  • Smart search: This feature allows for an automatic search of frequencies near the one you’ve chosen by yourself. It stores them in the special memory bank, with 31 frequencies being the maximum number of storage.

Final Words

After studying numerous reviews by customers and analyzing our experience with the Yaesu FT 270R, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is a high performance, superb ham radio for the price. Of course, there are some disadvantages and things we didn’t find satisfying, such as the antenna that could use some improvements or the inability to choose a power output. Anyway, considering the price, we would rate this sturdy ham radio 4 out of 5 stars for overall performance, and categorize it as a perfect fit for outdoor people.

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